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Rear Brakes Ls400


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The Brake warning light came on so I replaced the front pads. Looks like they still had a lot of life left.

The warning light is still on. :censored: I didn't check the rears. I wonder if the rear pads are shot. Does the rear have a sensor like the front?

If not, why is the panel light still on? 95 LS 400. 75K miles


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Do 92 models have brake sensors? I've yet to see a brake light come on for my car. The only brake light i've seen is for the Emergency Brakes.

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My 94LS has sensors on all the pads. I got some great advice on this forum once-Seems one of the sensors failed, and the light stayed on. So I cut the 2 wires to the sensor-reattached them together-and the light was gone.

Let's face it-how many cars over the years have had pad sensors? Very few. But somehow, most of us knew when our pads were low. So rather than being robbed at a dealer or an Indie-Simply cut the wires, reconnect them, and boogie on.

Best of luck.

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