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Rear Sway Bar issues


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My 2014 RX350 with 58000 miles is in the shop having the rear sway bar kits replaced because I had a clunking sound in the right rear.

Anyone else heard of needing rear end sway bars kits replaced?

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They installed new sway bar kits, removed the shock and checked it out. Even removed the license plate cover then put it back on. Still the popping clunking sound. 
since nothing they did stopped the noise they put the old sway bar parts and didn’t charge me anything.

Any ideas of what the noise could be? I can stand on the bumper move my body up and down and hear the noise.

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When driving from startup to parking especially on residential roads. 
when on the highway don’t notice as much.  I have looked under the vehicle and amazed at how much is covered.

just went for a drive and p hear it more when going slow thru our neighborhood.

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Aloha, is the noise when driving or when you hit a bump? I don't know what a kit is but replacing the end links on both sides solved the problem on mine.

Did your mechanic look for anything loose under there? If you hear it by bouncing the corner then something is loose or worn.

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The kit is the end links. Didn’t fix my problem.

The noise is worst when driving slow in residential streets. The road expansion joints and other small bumps. Almost constant popping. 
it is not the tire noise which I know that sound. 

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I’m trying again to find out the issue I am still having.

My 2014 RX350 with less than 59000 miles.  I have a clunking/popping sound just driving on normal residential streets at under 30 mph. It is different than the road seam tire noise. Don’t hear at speeds over 45.  It is hard to tell if rear right or left side. I can reproduce the sound if I stand on the bumper and push up and down. Not as loud as when I am driving but can still hear it.

I have not checked if I hear going in reverse as someone asked.

I have had it to a very reputable shop that has been in business for 45 years with a 4.7 star rating 2.7K reviews. I have taken other cars there. They are very honest.
They replaced the sway bar and ends. Checked the shocks and tightened what ever they could. Nothing they did helped. In the end they put my old parts back on and didn’t charge me anything.

I have also rotated the tires.

My friend who is very good with cars crawled underneath with his Stethoscope as I bounced the vehicle and couldn’t tell where the sound is coming from.

Anyone else had the same issue or ideas on what it might be. I am getting close to taking it to a dealership.



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