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new member, Needing help of where to start

Jessica Reichenbach

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I have a 2007 IS250, my power steering has gone out for a breif moment only when first turning on the car: this has happened twice this week. Then yesterday while driving on the highway my car completely shuts off....NO POWER OF ANY SORT. Had to have it towed to my house. 

Reading on here I am wondering if I should 1st replace the battery, even though its less than a year old, before trying to troubleshoot anything further.

any advice?😭

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It's probably not the battery. 
Likely the power steering switch going bad. It reads the speed you are driving and adjusts the amount of effort required to steer. Going slower requires more pressure in the system to provide easier steering. Going faster requires less pressure. 

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The more gadgets that are in the cars, the more can possibly go wrong.

Went through Sahara in a VW Beetle (very long time ago) and whatever went a bit out of order could be fixed with a screwdriver and a piece of wire.

In order to determine speed of car there are little sensors on each wheel plus probably a lot of other little things that are needed in order to have the computers accepting the data they receive.

A neighbour has a very beautiful 2016 model of the IS250 and is happy with it. The CT we have is also OK. Still use Lexus for service in order to have hybrid battery warranted and they also give me a document that car is good for next year every time, so though service can be made cheaper other places, they have us as customers as long as battery is warranted or we no longer have the car. If the higher price for the service includes fixing little things, I find it is something I can live with.

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