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minor wheel restore

Frank DUva

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I recently bought on eBay a decent set of 2003 LS430 7 spoke 17" wheels in Millennium silver. I have  2002 SC430 in millennium silver that has a like new paint finish. The wheels need some paint touch up, but they are somewhat dull. Not sure if I should polish and wax or compound cleaner and wax. I have no experience in abrasives. 

LS430 wheel.jpg

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Many aluminum wheels are clear-coated after painting or polishing. It is possible to clean them with alcohol and apply a new coat of spray paint, but you may not like the result. Why not ask an auto body shop person what they would charge?

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 I was thinking about having them refurbished but they quoted me $150-$175 per wheel also. They also said the color being that old it might have to be custom mixed paint, which might be even more. I think a body shop may be worth it, seeing they have experience with paint restoration. Or I may attempt to use a light compound then a finish polish by hand then wax.  The scratches are many but light and the wheels are in good shape, maybe a good place for getting some experience. 

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Well, I finally touched up my used 03 17" LS430 wheels with American Touch-up Paint, a little clearcoat, some Menzerna 2500 compound and Meguires ultra-finish polish. They came out shiny but a little blotchy because I over sprayed a little. I bought some Hankook 235/50-17 Ventus V2 Concept2 AS tires because their overall diameter was 26.1, rather than the usual 26.3 for that size. They give me another .7-inch sidewall height and all the specs are all very close to the OEM wheel and tire. The ride is much smoother with no sharp raps over RR tracks, concrete seams and those overpass patches. I'm really happy with them. I attached a before and after shot. 



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Thanks, I'm really glad I stuck with my choice. I almost went aftermarket which would have been much more expensive. I like the color and that they are dated to 2002 with close to OEM specs.

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