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Scanner's Pocket Logger's !checkengine!

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If it reads obd2 then they are all pretty much the same

what year your car is will make you need either an obd1 or 2 scanner

You can get them cheap all over.

they have basic ones for toyota which will work on an obd1 system for $20

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Thanks skperformance for replying to my post." Your the man"

Ok so your saying that my 94 sc300 will need a OBD1 scanner, Ill the ones I found are for OBD2 cars.

You said that " I can get them cheap all over" but were? And what brands? What do u use to do diagnostic's on your car? Is there any way that I could get it to hook up to my PDA.

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The pda systems are the obd 2 ones as their are thousands of codes.

OBD1 uses less than a hundred and mostly uses a flash system like SOS or dahs dot dash flashes of the CEL to signify a number

like 2 long then 5 short flashes would be 25.

this is the one i have


OK i looked for 20 minnutes on the web and cannot find anything but obd2

I know they have tons around in stores.

Go to your local pepboys or napa they have them for about $20

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You really don't need a reader unless you are having a CEL or some sort of problem. Advance Auto Parts and places like that will read your codes for free, if something comes up. Finding out what the codes mean and how to fix then becomes a task.

The best and first thing everybody ought to have is an accurate tire pressure guage. Tire pressure is probably the most neglected, but very important thing about cars.

The best way to get things for your car is to just get what you need as things come up. Othewise you may be investing in some stuff you may never use.

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I understand what your saying, but I'm not the kind of person who get what I need as things come up. Things just come up to often for me so I like to be prepared.


So I was right, there isn't *BLEEP* far as Scanners for OBD1 cars, I don't understand why, its not like everyone has a new car. I thought that Lexus would have a special Scanning/logging took especially for there cars. So how the hell do the SUPRAs do it? Should I check out there forum?

You cant tell me that the guys who have alot of upgrades and crazy HP use the famous paper-clip trick to pull codes when ever they have a CEL.

Just to make it more clear on what I'm talking about, When I owned a DSM we used this:


This was the best product I ever purchased. All for the low price of $125.00

Is there anything like this at all for our cars?

There has to be something that we can use.

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For only about 40 codes no scanner is needed as all it is is a display screen.

A true scanner costs thousands as it read variables and shows their outputs.

It is simpler to buy the obd1 plug in for the diagnostic port and get the code flashed to represent them which is the system you have and is much cheaper than the 200 i spent on mine.

I would have much rather spent 20.

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Man I have "SEARCHED" High and F##king low and I cant find anything.

Did u guys even check out the link i posted? do u know what im talking about now?

Yeah, that's an interface that can read all kinds of engine parameters and store them via a PDA. It's not just a plug in unit to get CEL codes.

Your first post mentioned reading CEL codes. That's what we kinda thought you wanted.

I think maybe if you get the shop manuals for your particular car, you might find out from that just what you need to read the codes. That's the way I would approach it. I had one of the little blinker thingies that plugged into the data port for my '94 Firebird, but I just don't know where to find one for your particuler car.

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