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Supercharger Question


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The short answer is "no" :(

I have seen this question asked and answered previously on this forum. I didn't fully understand the reason it won't work. I emailed TRD a while back and they told me they don't make a S/C that will work on the 97 ES300. I thought the Camry engine was the same as the Lexus, but they told me there were enough differences so that the S/C that bolts on the Camry V6 will not work on the ES300. Something about the chip and measuring the oxygen, which obviously changes drastically with a S/C. Maybe someone can explain it. But I did ask, they said "no", and I was bummed.

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THe super charger should bolt right on as the camry does. Same engine is used in many cars like solora, camry, sienna, es300, etc... Not sure about the o2 system and the reprogramming the ECU. THe camry and solora supercharger kits do not require any reprogramming of the main ECU. I will have to look further into this now.

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Actually it is none of the reasons above.

The Lexus 1mz-fe has vvt

the camry 1mzfe doen't they share blocks and sintake manifolds but not heads. That is where all 1mz engines differ.

Can you make it fit, yes .

Will it work properly, i have no clue but i would fathom a guess trd would ahve tried it first but backed off the app as it wouldn;t run right for a production toyota part for a new car.

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