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I dont think there is any screw you can turn to tighten the response, but rather work the whole steering system. One thing to start on is replacing the bushings with polyurethane or stock rubber depending on what you want. Suspension can change the oversteer/understeer of the car as well as giving you a different feel for steering. Oversteer is turning the wheel and having the back end come around while understeer is turning the wheel and the car doesnt follow. For example, when you go around a turn and slam on the brakes all of the weight shifts forward onto the front wheels and creates an oversteer, while stepping on the gas through a turn will shift weight backwards and create understeer. Nothing will wear abnormally if you drive it properly and never go over the speed limit, and always treat your car with kid-gloves. Otherwise, the tires would feel the brunt of the work probably.


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i dont know if this can be adjusted but less caster degree in front will give you more steering, but it does become finiky and hard to drive meaning more attention is needed at all times when driving. there are all sorts of other suspension settings to look at depending on how you want the car to handle. toe in in front would mean that you will have sharp turn in in a corner, but the car would be finiky at the exit of the corner and the opposite with toe out, the car is a bit more finiky in the turn in, but coming out its easier to handle. but under most driving conditions i dont think you would feel much of a difference. these settings apply more to track racing where the car is closer to its limits. and the thing to remember about suspension is that it is about a total balance, what is done to the front affects the rear in some way and vice versa.

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