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Putiing Alternator Belt Back On? Help?


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HI -- newb here --

I had not driven my ES300 for 2 weeks -- I moved it briefly last weekend then didn't drive it again til tonight. I pulled it out into the driveway tonight and it went dead....

I pop the hood and realize the alternator belt is off -- then I notice some red stuff and some feathers around the belt! Apparently a bird had built a nest in the engine compartment when the car was sitting for a couple weeks -- when i started the car last weekend it must have sucked the bird into the belt :( ..

Now -- the belt is off of the pulleys -- it is still in good shape and just needs to be put back on. What is the best way to do this? Should I unbolt the alternator? Any help is greatly apprecaited!

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Just loosen the alternator mounting bolts and the adjustment screw on the top, then move the alternator all the way in. Then replace the belt and move the alternator out so the belt is tight, then tighten the adjusting screw and the mounting bolts. The tightness is measured between the pulleys about ½ way and the deflection should be about ½ inch.

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Thanks guys! You wouldn't happen to have a picture of which bolts to loosen would you?

I tried loosening a few bolts last night but couldn't get it to budge -- I didn't want to be too rough on it in case I was doing it incorrectly.

Thanks again!

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OKay -- this picture kind of sucks but --

If I loosen the bolt labeled "adjustment bolt" should the alternator freely swing in and out?

There is a metal piece connected to the other labeled hole -- I can't tell if that holds the alternator stationary or not (was working on this in the dark last night)

DO i need to loosen anything here?

Thanks again


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Thanks a lot Amf -- that helps a bunch.

So the pivot bolt is the one that I labeled in the first picture, and the adjustment pinch bolt is the one shown in your picture? Those are the only two that need to be loosened, right?

So the procedure would be loosen both bolts, rotate the alernator inward, put belt back on, swing the alternator back out, tighten the pivot bolt, then tighten the adjustment bolt? right?


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Got the belt put back on last night B)

-- I ran the car for a couple mintues with the belt on and and then noticed a *thud* under the car -- I look underneath and a shredded rat had fallen out of the engine :o

Apparently he had been in there the whole time (well, half of him anyway) and the the belt knocked him loose :lol: -- that explains the smell. :blink:

I was releived that it wasn't a bird -- I hate rats.

Anyway -- I took a pic while doing the repair in case anyone ever searches for this topic. It's actually 3 bolts you have to mess with to get the alternator to move:

1. Loosen the pivot bolt (no need to take it all the way out)

2. Remove the adjustment bolt

3. Remove the bolt that holds the assembly that the adjustment bolt screws into.

4. After step 3 the alternator will pivot pretty freely. Move it, put the belt back on, pull it back into position.

5. Reinsert the bolt from step 3 -- tighten just til snug.

6. Reinsert the adjustment bolt from step 2 -- tighten just until snug.

Now tighten the bolt from step 5 all the way then tighten the bolt from step 6 all the way. This should pull the belt taught.

7. Tighten the pivot bolt.

**See Diagram**

Thanks again for the help everyone!


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