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Sc 400 Over Heating


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we just flushed and replaced my dads radiator fluid on his 95 sc 400 the other day along with his thermostat then once he drove it a short distance and got on it a little bit it started to over heat. there is a small constant noise coming from around the water pump area. we changed his fluid and thermostat ourselves.

is it possibly a water pump problem?? it has about 76k on it and the service records dont show a timing belt or water pump change

any help would be greatly appreciated

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On the V8 engine you will need to fill the coolant at the coolant pipe neck. You will need a 17mm socket, break that lose and fill it up from there. Otherwise air pocket will form and your vehicle will overheat.


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Thermostats are also one of those cheap parts that has been known to be defective right off the shelf. It only takes a couple of minutes to fire up a pot of water. Drop in the thermostat and track the water temp with an inserted thermometer. Make sure it opens when its supposed to.

Then again, if you have a sound coming from around the water pump it may be shot. But usually when a water pump goes, it really goes... as in water on the pavement.

Also, you are due for a timing belt change and with that they change the water pump. If you choose to do this make sure that the mechanic changes out the cam seals as well. $1,400.00 (dealer) $750.00 (independant)... ouch!!.... or you could always do it yourself.

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