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100k Warranty


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I have a 1997 ES 300, the mileage is 100K, what kind of service work do I need? how much it will cost? is it time for timing belt change? Also when my car runs 20 miles per hour, it shakes, I changed one of the bad rim bit did not help much, any suggestion and advice will be appreciated.

Thanks :huh:

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The timing belt should have been changed at 90,000 miles. As far as the shakes......I would take the car into a good tire shop that has High Speed Balancing equipment and balance all four tires.


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make sure none of your rims are bent or warped. They will balance but then go right out of balance as soon as you put them back on the car.

any abnormal wear patterns on the tread, if so then alignment.

alignments are only about $60/4 wheels...if you have never done it and have no record of it being done recently, then it couldn't hurt.

As for the 100k service....if you didn't do the 90k, then do it.

It will run you alot of money (close to a grand if you do all that lexus lists under there 90k plan). Check pricing with a Lexus Certified Toyota service center. They usually do the same work but for a little less.


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have you had a suspension check for play in the ends and the hub mainly

i replaced one of mine

if a rim is damaged enough to need to be replaced then it may have damaged the hub

this will cause a vibration

biggest problem is the abs sensor is located in the hub which will need to be replaced as there is almost no way to save it as it can't be pressed out

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I changed the bad, bented rim, I will balance the tires again, also I would do the alignment as well. I called Lexus delaler they told me that timing belt needs to be changed every 120K, will cost me about $850.00. But I need to check with Lexus certified Toyota dealer.

Thank you all so much for your advise.

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