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Cup Holder Comes Out Of Slot When I Use It?

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I have a 1996 GS300. When I press my cup holder to try and use it, it pops ALL THE WAY OUT! It actually comes out of the armrest! What happened? What do I need to do? Please help. I have to hold my drinks in my car now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A surprisingly desperate situation. I'm afraid I don't have good news, but at least an idea. I had the same problem with my '95. It must be pretty common because there are no used ones to be found. The two plastic fingers that snap it into place is a weak design and they eventually break off.

I fixed it mine by hand bending two wire form pieces and epoxying them into place. After trying several materials, the flat stock I used just happened to be the wiper blade retainer. If you're "fabricatably" inclined, you might try it.

I'd send you a picture, but it was such a tight fit, it will never come out.

Good luck.

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Thanks to Vikin9 for the fix suggestion... I'm very handy in the do-it-yourself department but I can't see how or where to put the wires in... And I can't see where the "plastic fingers" are, or would have been, on my cup holder. And not easy to explain, of course...


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Here's a photo of my cupholder assembly that I took to try and find a used replacement. From this you can see if you have the same assy. The tabs that hold the assy in are circled in the upper right view.

Basically, I made a flat wire form to replace these tabs that broke off.

As I mentioned earlier, after many trials, the eventual material that worked was the flat metal piece that holds the rubber wiper blades in place (which I'd just replaced).

I'll try to describe the part feature by feature.

At one end is a triangular bend (like a numeral "4" laying flat) that serves as the locking tab. It's critical that the locking surface is the correct length and height.

Then the part has a 90 degree twist with a slight offset. I made this feature by putting the part in a soft jaw vise and carefully twisting it with a crescent wrench.

Then there is flat section that goes between a plastic screw boss and the side of the tray. Finally, there is a loop that wraps around the screw boss. I made this feature by wrapping the stock around a screwdriver shaft.

Finally, the pieces were epoxied in place. Make sure you know how the pieces go back together, so you don't create an interference. One of the bosses has a spring on it so you have to avoid that one.

Although the two sides are similar, the parts are still fairly different (e.g length, offset, etc.).

It cracks me up that we're going through all this for a lousy cupholder. Maybe someone will help me with a fix like this for my side window trim that's starting to separate. I hope this helps. Good luck.


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Its amazing how many people have problems with the cupholder. They should do a recall!!! :) Or atleast make a new design.

MY question is this, is there any way to take apart the arm rest so i can just put my cupholder in there instead of sliding it in there.

I'm afraid that if i try to slide it in there, those plastic prongs will snap in a weaker spot. That sucker is jb welded on there strong!!

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I have a 93 GS which had a broken cupholder when I bought it in 2001. I replaced it for $125 from the dealer. Expensive but well worth the savings in aggravation and has worked beautifully since.

I have the same problem with my 93 gs300 but I think it is insane for lexus to charge that kind of money for a cupholder. The only thing wrong with the thing is 2 little clips broken off at the back of the holder. I think I will try to just "jury rig" something to make it work before I pay that kind of cash to the dealer. Im not putting you down for paying it but I just would'nt.

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This is how I fixed my cup holder. I wrapped 2 nylon strings around the 2 screws at the end of the pop out part (inner part), then adjust and attach the other ends of the strings to the cup holder case. Sorry! I only have 1 photo to show you, but you get the idea. My cup holder has been working for over 2 years without any problems.


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