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Engine Cuts Off After Braking To A Stop


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This is the second time it has happened, and the Lexus Service department was unable to figure out the problem. Driving back to DC from Baltimore I came off 295 onto New York Ave. and applied about medium braking in order to stop at the first red light. Upon stopping, there was a deep clunking noise and the engine cut off. All the lights (chekc engine, oil, battery, etc.) within the driver's console (speedometer, RPM,etc) lit up. I then had to put the car into park and start the engine again. The console lit up the same way it does when you turn the key into the third position, right before starting the engine. This is the second time this has happened this month, and I will be going back to the lexus dealership next week, but has anyone else encountered this problem? Any assumptions to what may be the problem? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanx in advance.

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This will be far-reaching, but MIGHT be worth pondering. Years ago, out daughter's car had problems with a transmission "overdrive solenoid", which apparently locks the transmission in its overdrive position when traveling "at speed" to get the best possible mileage. When slowing, the solenoid is supposed to deactivate so regular downshifting can occur, but in her case, when hot (after a long distance), it stayed locked up.

So as you come to a stop, the drive wheels remained tied to the engine, and when the car stopped, the engine was drug to a halt as well.

In that situation, you could put it in Neutral or Park and the engine would start fine, but going into Drive would stall the engine unless you immediately pounced on the gas.

Maybe your "clunking" noise related to the engine being drug to a stop, and restarting clears the condition. If it happens again, you might try slipping the tranny into Neutral just as the condition begins and see if the engine continues to run. If so, that might suggest a transmission issue or something related. Again, a long shot, but you never know what thoughts might lead toward the answer.

Good luck

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