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Missing Ls400 Emblem?


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I have noticed several LS400's in my area that don't have the ls400 badge on the trunk. I am in the process of removing my emblems (for style reasons), but the ones I have seen are only missing the ls400, the people driving them do NOT lloklike people that would remove emblems for any reason & if they did it was a professional job, no noticable touch up to the holes that would have been left behind. Is this the "coach" model? If so & even if it isn't, what is a "coach" model.

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Check out Gallery pic #400 that shows my '94 LS with the LS 400 emblem on the right rear. It may look like the emblem is out of level or position, but actually the problem is that the "4" in 400 is actually the same size as the "Lexus" emblem letters, while the remainder of the letters are slightly smaller. So it took a conference between myself and several neighbors to determine the correct position for the "LS 400" emblem. Curiously, you can't use a level for the emblem setting-who says you car is parked on level ground?

And thanks to member 445187 for the emblem-It looks great after replating.

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