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Should I Buy A Gs400?

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1st post. I'm looking to buy a 2k GS400 silver on grey 36k. I'll be doing a lot of driving. about 30k plus a year. I will be kitting this up with 19's basically the whole 9 yards. I'm also hesitating because I can also get a 98LS400 for about the same price but I notice there isn't much I can do with the ls should I go with a gs and soup it up or get the LS with 20's and call it quit?

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man I'm loving the ls430 but I can't find a good deal on anything. All all are over 30k and for those that are under 30k they're over 85k miles. The 98 LS400 is nice but the rear end is kinda ugly. That's the main reason why it's driving me away from it. if it was an 01 ls430 I would have never started this thread.

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