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Anyone else re-evaluating their Lexus purchase?

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I bought my wife a 2024 NX250 Lexus for her birthday last week and we're already planning to take it back, cancel the sale and get something else.  While customer service at the dealer was exemplary there's multiple detractors for this model and many others I've been reading about.

- Fixed non-adjustable annoying headrests.
- Worst shift configuration ever conceived. The push button P,R,D,N,S-(Sport) on our Lincoln was so superior to this insanity. What was Lexus thinking?
- 4CYL turbo has only 203HP while the same 4CYL motor in the 350 has 275HP? Nice way to hamstring a vehicle.
- The Navigation Application is a free standard option on almost every vehicle except Lexus where you have to pay a subscription fee?
- You have to manually turn off the eco engine shutdown/restart option every time you get in the car. Sheer ridiculousness.
- Can't reset the MPG option. I can reset trip history but the MPG stays the same as one continuous analytic. Even tried through the dash history/reset option.

We were excited to move up to a Lexus but after just 11 days that excitement has dissipated.  It doesn't make sense to keep it with so many things we don't like especially for a $50K vehicle. Wish we would have thought about this a little more before purchasing.


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According to Consumer Reports, the best version of the NX is the hybrid with an overall score of 83 vs. the non-hybrid score of 72. They describe the hybrid as "more refined". They do describe the electronic interior door releases, the unintuitive gear selector, and low center dash vents as "small faults".

Fuel mileage of the hybrid is superior at 34 MPG, a 42% increase. Our RX400h cost us $50K (before tax), 19 years ago, so your $50k cost doesn't seem so bad. We get 25 MPG.

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Thanks for the response. 

If you still have your  RX400 after all these years that says something about quality and reliability of the Lexus brand which I've read about being rather high. 

It looks like $50-$55K is about the norm for this vehicle and we got the only red one available in the area so the hybrid wasn't an option although those stats are certainly better.

I figure I'm getting about (24-27MPG) depending on driving mode.  I'm always in sport mode to compensate for the low HP so mileage is probably taking a hit there.

There's only a 10-day return policy and we're a few days past that now so we'll work on getting used to it unless my wife decides she just can't deal with the shifter mechanism and then we'll have to figure something out.

In the mean time maybe some free car washes and snacks once a week at the dealer will help lessen the discomfort. 😁


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