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For my LS 430 2005 with a brake wear alert on dash board but brakes work fine and there is no squeal or other noises when I use brakes.

I have my local mechanic who will install front and back brake pads and rotors for a labor cost of $450.  When I asked him how long it takes to do brake work, he said "1 day"!!

Need help:

1.  Does this model need pads and rotors both or just brake pads?
2.  What is a fair labor cost for front and rear brake replacement by a non-dealer mechanic?
3.  Assuming I need front and rear pads and rotor and sensors, which is the best after-market brand for rotors, pads, and for sensors separately?  (I am told Lexus parts are very expensive).
4.  Should I get ceramic pads or just regular pads (non-ceramic)?
5.  Is it a good idea to buy my own parts (I am trying to use better parts than the local mechanic who will use cheapest parts).  What if there is an issue or noise after installation?
6.  Any other advise from the forum?

Thanks in advance.




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1. That depends upon the rotor thickness and whether material needs to be taken off.

2. That would depend upon your part of the country. $450 seems very reasonable if quality parts are used.

3. Take a look here for suggestions. Brakes for 2005 Lexus LS430 (tirerack.com)

4. See above.

5. Yes, that's what I do unless I have the work done by the dealership. Unfortunately, if you select the hardware and they squeal, it's typically on you to rectify.

6. The front brakes always wear out long before the rears do. I'd be surprised if you need all four done.

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