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Car Coughs, Stalls. Computer Dont Work


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i am new to this, and a new lexus owner. know little about cars. my 93 SC400 very recently started coughing while idling... well i think it coughs a little when its running also, but hard to distinguish whether those little shakes are from the road or the car is not gettin gas. its a little shake, nothing too hard. a couple of times it stalled (engine shuts off) while idling. this started the day i got the timing belt and water pump replaced from dealar.

1. dealer checked it and said they couldn't hook up the computer because the onboard computer is not responding. i know of an accident on the car from lemon check, but no visible signs (dealar said could be left front hit). dealar couldnt figure out the problem with the little coughing problem but suggested it could be ellectrical. but couldnt say for sure cause they couldnt hook the computer up.

2. dealar also said check engine light dont come on when they hook up when they hook up computer. suggesting some where the line is broke. suggesting hours of labour to figure out what's the deal with the computer system.

3. mechanic suggesting selling the car. saying car might stall totally in 2 months, or it could even run 10 years.

4. telescoping steering doesnt work. it comes back and forth. but not up and down.

5. power mirrors dont work.

very confused here. very interested in learning about cars. recently thinking about taking a quick mechanic course somewhre to learn a few things.. i have enough time in my hand and totally doing nothing this summer. do u think i can fix these myself? any suggestions anyone?

thanks and i appreciate your help


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i hardly have any mechanical skills, just know how to do oil changes :) but want to fix it. any idea what could be wrong with the computer system, why's it not responding? according to the dealar thats what needs to be addressed first. from there they can find out the reason for stalling.

already spent a lot for timing belt, ps pump. looking for alternative ways than dealars :D

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There are two diagnostic ports. One on the engine side and one in the cabin on the lower driver side. There is most likely an open in the circuit used for diagnostic codes. It is really too difficult to tell you what to do. Pull the diagnostic ports and make sure all the wires and connected securely into the terminals. Get a multimeter and start checking continuity. The ecu could be screwed. Too hard to say though. I'd recommend getting the factory service manuals for the year vehicle of yours and going from there. Do a full tune up from the air filter back. New plugs, wires etc. One of your two ignition coils could be screwed. You might have a rotted out vacuum line. Who knows?

The tilt motor gets dirty on the worm gear. You can remove the shroud and clean it, regrease it and it should work correctly again unless the motor is burned.

The mirrors have their own little ecu. Could be anything from a fuse to a bad ground to a short or open somewhere. You could possibly fix these issues. Or try a good electrical shop. Troubleshooting the wiring harness does get expensive though especially if something needs to be replaced. It's your call. Sell or stick it out.

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