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  1. thanks! I just called the dealer and they said i have to come in and pre-pay and order. in the mean time i'll will try to figure out how to take the motor off... i only know how to change oil, and could take the door panel off... but not sure if i can do this... thanks for the reply.
  2. I just had the same issue.. a snap and the window fell in. Opened up the door panel. Just like the 4th pic.. i need to change that assembly - I think! i felt the cable going up and down.. but the white plastic piece that attaches with the cable, and goes up and down when the cable goes up and down - broke. So is that the piece which is the "Regulator". Is it just the white plastic piece on the 4th pic which is holding the bar (inside that bar the cable is hiding). Can I replace just that plastic piece? Please shed a little more light... first of all is that plastic piece is the regulator? When i go to the dealer.. what do I ask for, if i need just that white plastic piece.. :) Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, 91 Es250. 1 day left till the safety/emission test deadline and i am baffled with the light dilema. The back-up light, high mount brake light doesnt come on! Tail light and indicator lights are fine. I took the bulbs out, they arent bad - but i still replaced them with new ones.. doesn't work. How can I trouble shoot this? I had a rotor/brake change on all 4 wheels a couple weeks ago. Not sure if that caused the problem? I dont know if this problem was since before the brake job or not. Can they be related? Called a mechanic shop who does inspections + electrical work, they told me with a smile it could take 1 hour to 6 hours to figure out the problem. 6x85=gazzilion dollars. Help me out pls. Thanks.
  4. I had issues with locking unlocking using the switch. And for many days I had to manually do it. It all fixed itself after I changed the battery. You can try charging the battery from a local store and give that a shot... just a suggestion.
  5. :) but WHICH one is the starter solenoid? i have no idea :D thanks Toysrme!
  6. here's a more wider shot. would you pls tell me which one exactly is the starter solenoid? pardon my ignorance. i looked closely today again, and i didnt see a similar port in any open/visible area where the this wire can go to.. thanks again. s.r.
  7. Someone pls help with this question.. and rtd111 you HAVE TO clean it.. i have been suffering of the PS steering problem for 2 years now. had the PS pump changed from the dealer 3 times, the dealer never heard of the solenoid screens even.. my steering is hard as a rock for the 4th time for last 3 months. i am looking to take it to a different shop this time and have them clean the solenoid. the dealer suggested me to sell the car cause they replaced the PS pump every six months for 2 years and the problem comes back. they said gotta change steering rack-pinion PS pump again. btw, after a huge fight with 3 of the dealar those middle-man guys and a woman, they finally called "lex-tech" or whatever(thats what they said). apparently the lexus people higher up told them to flush with some special liquid and the dealer did that the 3rd time. 3rd time it took longer for the PS pump to go bad :) was good for about 6.5 - 7 months ;) I have several post about this issue on this SC400 post and several kind hearted people responded, sent links, and pics. I have them printed out, and showed them to a local mechanic.. pls respond one more time with suggestions on how to get around the cramped area so i can try it myself or take it to the local mechanic person. thanks and good luck to rtd111, hopefully you get it cleaned and never have this problem.
  8. Hi, last few months our 91 ES250 has been going totally dead and wont start. Once this happened at a mechanic shop and the mechanic person wiggled the cables around the battery and it started. So, next times I ask my wife to wiggle the cables and I try to start the car and it starts... One day even that didnt work.. I saw this cable dangling around and am wondering is that the lose cable that came lose with all the wiggling and shaking of the cables... my wife doesnt remember if it was lose and hanging around or not.. As before, now also, there's a very very faint sound when trying to turn the key to start.. The battery is also FULLY CHARGED so thats not the issue. Attaching the pic, hopefully the pic will show. Can anyone tell if this cable is supposed to hang lose or should go somewhere? Thanks in advance. s.
  9. I have the same problem. I have severe clunking noise still. less than a month ago i had all 4 strut replaced with KYB. Also replaced front lower and upper control arm bushings with diazen bushings (polyeurethine!!). I still have the same clunking noise, so took it to the mechanic again, and he told me it looks like sway bar links ($80 each at dealer, needs front 2). he said he's not 100% sure if it will solve the problem, but he said it definitely needs swaybar links. Now, my question is, do you guys think it could be the sway bar links? or the mount i read about in this post. Anyone has any idea where I can buy swaybar links from (other than the dealer)? I found bimmer swaybar links for $29 for both, so hoping i wouldn't have to spend $160 bucks for my front two swaybar links. Thanks for replies. .
  10. questions .. Auto tranmission fluid" i picked up a 12 can 12 qt dexron III ATF from Costco. then found all these posts :) 1. i checked on the cd that i bought from Ebay.. it says dexron II or similar. can someone please confirm? 2. also, i found out that auto transmission fluid needs flushing every 15000 miles. is that right? by flush, they mean draining the 1/4th of the total oil? or using a machine to pull out all the fluid? 3. i stopped by at the pep-boys and found out that there's a transmission filter for $27. is it necessary to change filter every 15k? i wanna do it myself, does anyone has any suggestions, directions, pictures, tutorial? thanks
  11. i had code 23, which is the pressure switch circuit. it was low on pressure for freon. paid 95 bucks for diagnosis where they found no leaks. stupid people took out the r12 and tested for leaks with 134a cause it was cheaper i guess. they kept the 134 and tried to ask another 150 bucks. but i told them to take the 134 out, and was very unhappy that they switched my gas without letting me know. (134 performance is not nearly as good as r12, and puts more pressure on the compressor. and my compressor is already making noises). so they emptied the 134, i got the car back with empty gas and lube. went and bought the retrofit kit for 39 bucks from target (later found out walmart has it for 34). charged it two 12 ounce cans (1 still left, comes with 3). Its working superb till now. been a week. good luck.
  12. dear everyone, sorry to make the same post again.. i am kinda in a hurry.. its really hot. i am worndering which one is the low side of the 93 sc400 a/c system? i see a black top cap - mounted right on the engine (not on a line, hose) a little deeper inside. another one has a grey cap.. right under my nose, right above the bumper. I am wondering is the black cap kinda deeper inside - is the one i recharge through? thanks much.
  13. Thanks VGR, I see a black cap right on the engine a little deeper inside, a little hard to reach also. and another one right under my nose right over the bumper.. so the one with the black cap deeper inside one is the one i hook up the 134? thanks..
  14. dear all, i have made a post regarding freeze-12 or other such "so called" substitutes to be very dangerous to use. they are not approved and are illegally brought in from other countries. made with propane, they are extremely flamable. if u need recharge, that means there's a leak, and that means u can easily light yourself up, trying to light your cigerette. thanks. can someone PLEASE send me a picture of where i can put in the 134a? i cant find the valve. does it goes in the hight pressure side? where is it? thanks much