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Ac Evaporator For 94 Ls400?


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As of now, my car is being repaired at this AC place. I got my AC Compressor replaced, and waiting on acquiring the parts for the AC Expansion Valve and Evaporator.

I tried to go online to search for the parts, but it seems to me that they normally charge about $78 bucks for the Expansion Valve.

As for the Evaporator, it is a little bit harder to say. I asked the price quote from Lexus dealer, and it is a whooping $1100 bucks...

I went online, and found something like this page

I called the online store and asked them if it truly fits for my 1994 LS400, and they said no. Although, it says from 1989 to 1994, it only fits up to 1992. (how wicked is that?) They said they can acquire the one for my car but it is going to cost me about $400.

Any good online places to order the expansion valve and evaporator?

I don't understand why it is soo hard to find parts for 1994 LS400 lol

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Can't imagine why you would need a new evaporator in the first place--a hole??? that can be repaired?? Very unusual--these things just don't go bad!!!!! Condensers either for that matter.

Have you put it on a 'junk' yard hotline for a used one from a wreck....

a used one is probably just as good as a new one???

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Well, my AC hasn't been functioning properly since last November, but I didn't try to fix it until now. I went to Lexus dealer for a checkup, and they told me that the AC compressor is going bad, and so on, and they tried to convince me to put down at least $2500 on it to get it fixed.

So I started gathering all the ac parts myself. I went on ebay and got the ac compressor for $250, and a few other things for cheap, and now that at this ac repair place. Initially, they told me everything is working well, and then a couple hours later, they phoned me and told me that my evaporator is leaking. I don't have a car, so I can't really get there to see what's going on. All I can say is that I believe the ac repair place more than I do with Lexus dealer.

I don't mind a used one, and that's why I wonder if anyone knows a good source to acquire those parts.

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IMMHO opinion the only way an evaporator will/should fail is through a leak. I would have the new stuff you bought installed, chage the system with r-134a (inexpensive) and see if it leaks away within a few days.

Then I would start to believe the evaporator is leaking.

But given that the is the single most labor intensive HVAC item to replace I would certainly get a second opinion before tearing into the A/C plenum.

In any case I happen to have a brand new 92 LS A/C evaporator and I don't know if it will fit but if all else fails then let me know.

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The dealer said I have a bad evaporator also. Quoted $800 to repair- parts and labor. This is probably why the previous owner sold the car. :unsure: I did not mind at first, because I bought the car in late fall last year and could live without the A/C. I also dealt with the extreme heat so far this summer, but since I sold my Buick- I am driving the Lexus daily now and I am getting tired of not having A/C, especially since it has been storming more lately. It is uncomfortable driving a car when it is 80 rainy degrees outside, while it is pouring down rain and you have to leave the windows up, because water comes in otherwise- even barely cracked. :rolleyes: If it is not raining- it is 85-95 degrees, with high humidity, but at least I can leave the windows down then.

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