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  1. It is possible that your air-flow control censor is dying. Make sure you have it checked as it can be dangerous on the road.
  2. Come to southern california...more specifically orange county. You'll see lots of ratty Lexus (and I'm talking about LS400's) being driven by college students that have been given to them by their parents. These are hand-me-downs that the students do not take care of. You've got to have a lot of money to hand someone a Lexus, pay for the upkeep and college and....oh well. Some of us had to work our way through college so this kind of thing is particularly aggravating when there is no pride of ownership for such a beautiful car. ← I feel your pain. I am also a college student who g
  3. Well, yeah 2004 LS400 definitly looks nice. but have you guys ever thought about the pain and *BLEEP* load of crap when the car breaks down? I have been through way more troubles than I wish for. The cost-benefit went down, and I suppose in the future, Mazda will be my next car, not Lexus.
  4. Well, my AC hasn't been functioning properly since last November, but I didn't try to fix it until now. I went to Lexus dealer for a checkup, and they told me that the AC compressor is going bad, and so on, and they tried to convince me to put down at least $2500 on it to get it fixed. So I started gathering all the ac parts myself. I went on ebay and got the ac compressor for $250, and a few other things for cheap, and now that at this ac repair place. Initially, they told me everything is working well, and then a couple hours later, they phoned me and told me that my evaporator is leaking.
  5. As of now, my car is being repaired at this AC place. I got my AC Compressor replaced, and waiting on acquiring the parts for the AC Expansion Valve and Evaporator. I tried to go online to search for the parts, but it seems to me that they normally charge about $78 bucks for the Expansion Valve. As for the Evaporator, it is a little bit harder to say. I asked the price quote from Lexus dealer, and it is a whooping $1100 bucks... I went online, and found something like this page I called the online store and asked them if it truly fits for my 1994 LS400, and they said no. Although, it says
  6. Guess even when I don't drive my Lexus, I still drive it on my computer haha It is the Real GTA mod for Grand Theft Auto III
  7. It is possible that your ac compressor is going bad. If the pressure reading is too high, it also means that your expansion valve is going bad as well. I know a dealer in FL that's selling OEM Lexus (not aftermarket) ac compressor + clutch + UPS shipping for about $250. As for expansion valve, you can search on eBay for it. The expansion valve is just a piece of metal, so it is okay to get one that's after market. I bought my expansion valve for my 94 LS400 for $15. Let me know if you need to get them fixed, and I will let you know which dealer to call and everything. Lexus dealer will char
  8. With all the speculations and possilble causes, why don't you take your Lexus for a check up at the dealer? They should be able to pin-point your problem. Now, I actually had similar problem, but it turns out that my air-flow control sensor was dead, and causing my car to want to stop whenever I slow down. Worst of all, it feels like the car engine would actually choke itself, and gives you the creeps when you make turns at major intersaction. Anyway, good luck
  9. Hi, I also own a 1994 LS400, and my power steering is leaking as well. However, anyone care to explain the location of the alternators for me? I don't see how the power steering leaking would affect the alternator. When I was doing the annual four-wheel allignments, the mechanics showed me where approximately the power steering fluid is leaking out. It is actually located right towards the end of my steering wheel axle. So if that's where it is leaking, I didn't really bother to fix it. I just add some fluid every other month, and so far, my battery is still kicking and running (not the orig
  10. Does it really matter if you get a gold or not? I suppose it is just a personal preference. I like mine as silver.
  11. Hey guys, I am wondering if the FCC number has any significant meaning at all. For example, if I buy a remote key off ebay, do the FCC numbers have to match? My FCC is HYQWDT-B, and it is a 1994 Lexus LS400 originally from Florida. When I visit listings on eBay, they all have a different FCC number from mine, so I just wonder if it matters. TR
  12. Blake, Actually, I do need a bigger picture of the second one. That's the part where I am afraid to break! I can pull up a little bit of the cover (and yeah a lot of dusts!), but when you say "pull back" which direction are you referring to? Do you mean pull the cover towards the key? or push towards the keyhole? Feel free to send me email with bigger pics attached. My email box can take up to 15Mb per email, and I virtually have unlimited email space. Here is the email address, Thanks!
  13. I am also driving a 1994 Lexus LS400. I wonder how much you can sell it now. It is not in a bad conditions. Over a period of time, it got some of the parts changed, but most of them are still Lexus OEM, not aftermarket. I changed my windshield because of those annoying 18 wheelers on high way are spitting rocks like bullets. Other than that, that's about it. Sadly, after I changed my windshield, the sticker that says "Preowned Certified" is no longer there lol oh well.
  14. This key hasn't been opened since 1994, and frankly speaking, there are times when I can't open the car remotely until I get really really close to it. Like everyone else suggested, I unscrewed the only screw I can see on the key, but when I tried to prop it open, I feel a lot of resistance towards the end. Is there any other locking mechnism towards the key ring hole area? Or any tips on open it up without breaking something inside? I am also trying to determine what battery it is inside my key. It is either CR1616 or CR1216 (I searched through the forum and came up with two results..) It
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