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The dealership stuck their advertising decal on my car(above the Lexus sign) :chairshot: I want to remove it without damaging the paint. This is not the type of sticker you can peel off or atleast I can't see the corners to lift and peel.

Any idea if that spot will be a different color than the car? and how can I remove decal?

Thanks in advance.

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:o I hate when they have to put their name on our car.... It is not painted on right? most dealers will not go to that extent..... :blink: So try to find an edge. Get out the hair dryer on low, touch over until it is warm not hot! and see if you can get a corner started with your finger nail.... it will have to be a thin vynal decal.... afterwards use some fine polish to finish the job off and remove any sticky stuff with goo gone...Hey the best way just for *BLEEP*s and giggles to get off emblems is soapy water and dental floss.....

LEXO ;) If the sticker has been on a while the spot may be off colored.... :(

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yeah the blowdryer is good, you will be left with residue..if you dont have any goo gone around you can also use wd-40 it works very well.. spray it on.. let it sit for a sec and then just wipe it off. then polish away.. Goodluck

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