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  1. Corsica has been sold. Thanks.
  2. Is there a link to a post or a website, that gives instructions on how to remove all the speakers from a 93 gs300?? or if someone can post something that would be great. Thanks.
  3. Hello. Here latley I have been selling alot of cars for my friends and family mainly because I just purchased a property on a main stretch of road at a very busy intersection and cars just dont last when they are put up for sale here. So I figured I would help a friend out and speed up the process by posting this on the internet as well.. I am not sure if it against the rules here to post non lexus items for sale. if it is I am sorry and please remove the post. up for sale is a 1997 Cadillac Catera with 137,500 miles. This car is grey with grey leather interior. The car runs and drives perfe
  4. Just a update.. Items that have been sold off of this car so far.. is the factory amp and also the cd changer. Thank you to the purchaser who wishes to remain anonymous.
  5. My sister wanted me to post this :chairshot: she has a 2003 Mazda 6 with 35,000 miles on it.. it is lapis blue with grey leather interior.. it has the luxory package on it... wich includes bose sound system.. in dash 6 disck changer. sun roof.. premium wheels.. steering wheel buttons for radio and cd control. Body and interior is in perfect condition.. Tires have roughly 45-50% thread life on them.. new brake pads all around and new rotors up front.. not eaven 1,500 miles on them.. very clean car.. it is an automatic and is the S trim wich is the 220hp v6. Oil changed every 3,000 miles.
  6. :) I have a HKS Carbon ti catback exhaust..It was used for about 3,000 miles on a WRX.. I am not 100$ if this can be used on another car or not.. but im more than sure you can just cut or extend whatever you need to.. this is an awsome looking piece of hardware... wrapped in carbon fiber with a titanium tip and its got that blue tint to it... very lightweight too. I paid $825 + shipping for it.. I will part with it for $500 check on ebay they are still doing between $750-$800 and the used ones between $500-$600.. I dont have any original boxes or anything... but i do have the original hks ha
  7. I have a 1993 GS300 that I am parting out.. I have taken the engine out and am in the process of building it into a monster.. The car has a full interior and it is like brand new.. it is tan leather interior.. Also the airbags did not deploy so they are still good.. as well as instrament cluster.. all glass is intact... there are 3 doors that are in perfect condition the passenger rear has a small dent on it. but is repairable... the car is burgandy.. The car is also fully loaded so the cd player and everything is still in there.. the deck lid is in perfect shape.. Transmission has been
  8. yeah a converter is a good start for acceleration performance.. I would also recomend porting out and knife edging the throttle body.. did it on my wrx and made a noticeable dif. plus there are a few ground mod kits out there.. and thye eliminate throttle hesitation.. you can make a home made kit for around $50-$75 or you can go fancy and get the HKS kit for like $150 if my memory is right.
  9. IMO if it was me.... I would take the engine out... have it tested... if the block is good... chunk the internals.. and rebuild with all forged stuff.. a but pricey... but... gotta pay to play..(btw this is what I plan on doing) after the internals are put in place a set of cutom grinded cams would eb nice.. and a turbo.. going 2jz-ge... as well as a stand alon ecu.. and a adjustable coil over suspension.. I heard a supra TT rear end swap is good.. as well as rebuilding the tranny with a bullet proof set up..
  10. The bottem end is identical... but when you get up top.. there are some differances... and as you mentions exhaust, ecu modules etc... and A turbo.. wont be able to go twin on the 2jzge... so i hear anyway. due to manifold clearance problams.?? you may have to have one custom made.. it might work then..
  11. 15grand? and only 450hp?? $ to hp ratio is crap in that scenario IMO..
  12. I also prefer awd being a previous owner of 2 wrx's one being modifed significantly. but I have also been the owner of 2 mustangs, a 91GT also significantly modified and a stock 98 v6 convertible thye are rear wheel drive and I have also owned a integra front wheel drive... I would have ot choose rear wheel drive over front wheel... I like the transfer of power much more than I do on a fw.. and on the handeling issues... nothing a few hundred bucks cant fix.. just dont get crazy in the rain..
  13. xs engineering.. these the same guys as turboxs? they have a monster of a wrx also.
  14. if its looks you are concerned with then... either one is fine... I would save the money and keep the lexus ones unless you can make money on the deal... if it is performance you are looking for. then find out wich wheel is lighter... but the lexus wheel will more than likly be more stronger.
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