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New Member From Texas, Flashjett

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Flashjett    0

1997 SC400

I had a lot of chips in front from highway driving and used Plasti-Dip to spray on what looks like a protective black bra.  I thought it turned out very nice.  At 6 bucks a can and only two cans used, this was way cheaper than trying to match the green body paint and looks better too.  And if it didn't turn out, you can just peel off the Plasti-Dip.  Fun stuff.  The bra turned out so well that I then did the wheels with green.  Been driving with the bra for almost a year and it is doing great to protect from gravel chips from highway driving.

The electric windows just quit working.  Moon roof is working fine.  Not sure what to do from here. Any words of wisdom?

Front Bra.jpg

Green Wheels.jpg

Back SC 400.jpg

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Trevor Catt    24

Hi Rob....welcome to the Forum

Great looking SC...absolutely looks the business!

Good to have you onboard

Cheers,   Trevor

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lenore    60

Sweet ride, welcome aboard.  I just bought a Toyota Solara convertible, I see so much resemblance.  

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