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  1. 2006 GX470 my phone company recently implemented 10 digit dialing here... i cannot for the life of me see any way to "edit" the phone numbers in my phone book to add the area code... is this not possible? or am i missing something?? also, my new phone is an Iphone 4S... is there no way to export my address book for the iphone to the lexus? i cannot see an export function at all on the iphone, similar to the old Motorola phone i had....
  2. i drive my 06 470 in all kinds of harsh Canadian winters with no issues at all... and here in Sask we get a lot of snow!!
  3. from my understanding the front screen is not designed to play the DVD only the rear.... the audio "problem" may be due to your model year... i can listen to the DVD on my 06... possibly the earlier models were headphones only?
  4. isn't the whole idea of the screen lockout the same as with nav? to prevent you from rear ending the vehicle in front of you because you are looking at (and fiddling with) the screen and not watching the road?
  5. "My commute is less than 2 miles round trip every day" and you drive???
  6. I have an 06 GX470 and am wanting to upgrade the OE lamp system to HID's... i want to get them to throw light like my E55 AMG (bluish/white light) has anyone upgraded their GX to HID's and what kit did you use? good quality? ease of installation? i have run across a few sites online and of course everyone touts their kit as the best.....
  7. I am curious if anyone knows what the changes are from V5.1 (i think my 06 came with Gen 4 V5.1) to V9.1? are they simply mapping or are there firmware updates for the system as well.... i find the screen layout fairly archaic compared to the aftermarket units i sell....
  8. I've got an 06 and mine does the same thing.... not too annoying, just an intermittent quirk......
  9. kgerry

    Cd Player

    i don't believe the OE changer will play an MP3 or other format, so you have to make sure you are burning in "real time" as the CD changer will not read a compression format.... (MP3, AAC, WMA, etc, etc)
  10. if it burned out it's probably a lamp... LED's very rarely go out in my experience...... i still doubt any parts would be available frtom Lexus, you probably just replace the switch.... but any local electronics shop or radio shack-ish place should stock both lamps and LED's....
  11. 2006 original owner... 33,000 Km (about 20,000 miles) got a flat tire fixed in the 1st year under warranty and a turn signal bulb replaced in the 3rd year under warranty.... thats the extent of my service history i am taking it in next week to get the "clunk" fixed.... i'm glad i came across this site when searching some i-pod options as i had complained to my dealer about the clunk 2 or 3 times and was told: "they all do that".... no mention of a fix.... dealers.... patooey!
  12. sounds like Ash Blue Mica... same as mine
  13. just what i needed... thanks!! i did google but must have used different keywords....