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  1. With winter just around the corner and temps slowly dropping, I have noticed that when I start my GX the engine knocks. Is this common? Eventually goes away and it is not that cold out. I am wondering what it is going to be like when it is 30 degrees out.
  2. The local lexus dealer is offering the clear chip gaurd for 499. Is this worth it? Thansk
  3. Will the newer wheels fit on a 2006 GX470? If so, anyone have any pics yet? Thanks John
  4. Went to dealer yesterday and they are replacing the driveshaft under warranty. Thanks for the info. John
  5. Carol, I have 34,000 miles on my GX and i just can't imagine it is something too serious but you never know. I do wonder if it is the weight of the car ase well that may contribute to the issue. Let me know what the dealer says. Take care John
  6. I have a 2006 GX470. After stopping at a light/stop sign etc, I feel a jerk. It usually happens when the A/C is on but I have occassionally felt it with it off. It does not happen all the time but happens enough to be concerned. I have the drive train warranty still left but not sure if that is my issue. Is it an engine issue, a/c issue or possibly a brake issue since the it will do this occasionally without the a/c on? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks John
  7. I have been reading a lot on the forum about the powder coating bubbling. This happened to a family memeber as well and they were lucky that the dealer replaced them. I was not that lucky. I was going to have them redone but not sure. Does anyone know if these wheels can be polished and clear coated? That way I don't have to worry about the powder coating bubbling again. Thanks
  8. I have an 06 GX470 with the same issue. I approached the dealer b/c I saw in the warranty that corrosion was up to 6 years. I guess this is only for the body. He was trying to tell me that it was some wheel cleaner that I used or the previous owner used. I think he is full of it otherwise it would be all over the wheel. The he also said it is possibly due to hydralic fluid. It happened to a friends rx330 with black chrome and the local dealer replaced them. That is why I though I would give it a try. I don't think I will have such luck but worth a shot to get the issue fixed. I think it is a manufacture problem. I have never seen it on any other car I have owned. Just my opinion. Love the car though.
  9. I did ask the dealership but they will not install aftermarket parts. Eugene at Vais found a local installer that will do the job. I am having it done next Tuesday. They use Vais Tech often and speak very highly of the equipment. Thanks
  10. I went to a local stereo shop to have them install it for me in my lexus gx470 2006. They had a bad experience before with the GX470 when pulling the wood panels out on both sides of the radio. One broke, they are bought in pairs and run about $500. They did not want to have to pay for another pair. So they would only install the unit I said I would pay for the panels if they broke. My local dealer won't install aftermarket parts. Any suggestions? How fragile are these panels? Thanks