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  1. bigger rim but thinner tires should be fine within the couple inches, since the overall diameter would equal out.
  2. You had the exact same experience as me for my LX! As for owner's manual, RetiredDoc gave you the best answer already. ;) I've just replaced my badges too, so here is my experience. If you wanted silver, going to a dealer for OEM would be the easiest, but its about $600+ for the set! Ebay have the badges (in silver), but not in a set, buying individual ones are about $80+ each, so getting the whole thing costs the same as the dealer. I bought a set in black pearl, the whole set on ebay for about $120. My LX is darker grey, so it looks pretty good with a bit of modern touch to it. The rear badges fits perfectly with nice finishing, the only problem was the front. They sent me a front badge which is not for the LX, cause the LX's front badge have a bolt + a clip to it, they sent me a stick-on one! Luckily, the size is pretty close (probably 2mm smaller than OEM), so i self modify it, putting thicker double sided tape on the outer trim, since the curvage is a bit off too, than fitting it right where it covers the clip hole on the grill, than it looks good as new! Hope this helps!
  3. It is the switches on the driver's door, correct? Your best bet is to replace the whole thing, try searching on ebay for a used, but none broken one, thats what i did. When i bought my LX, 3 out of those 4 black plastic switches were missing, so i had to replace the whole thing. It actually took me some time looking for one, almost 8 months! but finally found one on ebay for $80!! Easy as is, just took my old one out, simply put the plug in the new one, there's my perfectly working new(used) windows/door lock switch!
  4. maybe the comfort switch? try turning the switch all the way to the left(soft) and than all the way to the right(Stiff), which should have quite a difference. And since the LX is body on frame, there's a different kind of stiffness, mostly felt when at slow speed and/or going through speed bumps in an angle at the parking lot. Usually bumps left and right.
  5. might as well as add mine here... the frame was customs made by the shop.
  6. Isn't that the automatic height control? it levels itself on minor hills, mine does that too! it could be switch off, i tried, but it often came back on automatically, is that suppose to happend?
  7. damn! you serious!? if there's a simple crack on the CV Boot... Hmmm..... duct tape?
  8. ^ i hope i'm on the right track here. I don't think it could be done without the piece of plastic filling the gap there, cause the sizes for an aftermarket double din head unit is quite standard. and don't forget, the head unit have to fit in to the frame inside the dash too. i have an Alpine DVD installed, need me to take a pic?
  9. WOW! don't you guys drive you LX?! Bought my 2000 LX a year and a half ago with 76,500 miles (Not KMS, i am in Canada but the car's from California, so its in miles), Currently is at 108,300 miles, so i drove 31,800 miles in a year and a half! NO problems at all with the LX! (knock on wood) long drive to mountains in the winter and hauling a boat in the summer, still going strong! although i have been hearing a little rattling noise from the center consol, but all mechanical and electronics works perfect! ;) Mine is a 2000 LX470 with 57,900 Mine is the same year (2000), with 57,900 miles but today had the CV Boots replaced both sides, antenna mast replaced and it cost $1.000 dolllars ouch.....have you had your boots replaced? I'm not too familiar with longevity of lexus boots. i have to replace the CV Boots too, is it a big hassel? i've heard that the brakes have to be taken off, this and that has to be taken apart in order to put the boots in, is it true?
  10. Not sure if the GX works the same as my LX, but here it is. 1) the click sound might be the shift lock? Like a lock that wouldn't allow you to shift to reverse if you car's in forward motion? Try to shift it into park (P), step on the brakes and see if its the same click sound. 2) the square that controls you side mirrors, in the middle is a switch where you flick it left or right or middle, keep that switch to the right side, see if it works!
  11. wow... i've just noticed my LX had the same problem an hour ago and thats why i'm here, and its actually on the first few posts! i have a 2000 LX470, i actually noticed it a couple days ago, first i thought it was just the ground with an un even pavement, until an hour ago i was in an area which probably had the most equal surface through out the whole city, than i measured the driver's side is probably 1/2 inch lower. i've also noticed my air suspension fluid is starting to go below level, does this affects what had happend? Thanks in advance!