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  1. just put new pads/rotors on my 1990 ls 400, the car has a noise that seem to eminate from the right front, that sound like a deep rumbling, and will even continue after the car is at a complete stop. The car was doing this prior to pad/rotor change, funny thing is if I put it in nuetral before braking it seem to be less prominent, also if I slip it into N at a stop the rumbling noise will stop imediatley
  2. Yes I've tried every thing, they don't have the rattle that a broken speaker has, and I could see one side, but not both, it almost sounds like a loose connection some where before it splits of to the speakers, I'll have to dive into it and find out, if I find somthing, I'll post it. thanks M Berrett
  3. just bought a 1990 LS400 for $3000, man what a car, every thing works, rides like a dream, only thing I've noticed is that when you set the fadder all the way to the front, the speakers in the left, and, right door panels sound really muffled, are they blown? of is there another reason?
  4. you should check the ls forum, this is the sc forum
  5. where can you obtain a new leather cover for the shifter grip on sc400s
  6. I have 20" wheels, Anella stargates, they look awsome, they make the car, they don't look too over the top, or too much bling, just right.
  7. My 96 has recentley aquired a new problem The A/C light flashes and the air condtioner shuts off, this is accopnied by a noise coming from the compresor, a sort of low growling. any thoughts
  8. Great link. Thanks. I run 245 50zr 20's, you should be good to go
  9. Instrument panel lights on my 96 sc400 have had problems since Ive owned the car, the needles lights will fade out in the middle, or toward the base in warm, hot weather, and will shine bright in cold weather, latley the fuel needle has gone out all together, is this an easy fix i.e. a bulb, or some convoluted problem that will cost a fortune?
  10. Where can you purchase hood struts for sc400, with out shelling out $120 apeice? I've found gas charged hood struts, at cheap prices for every model lexus, except the sc, is ther a conspiracy here, help. no autozone, pep boys, even e-bay is is supprizingly devoid of this item, I dont want to go to the stealership.
  11. Do you stillhave those trunk struts?
  12. where did you get that shift handle, wow! I want one.
  13. Could you provide a bit more detail; first off where are the front seat mount bolts, and once you get it out, would you elaborate more on your repair. thanks
  14. my 96 sc400 needs to have the passenger side door latch/lock assembly changed, the door handle rod slipped out; (broken rod clip;) and was bent donward when the window was lowerd, when I bent the rod back, it broke off, the door handle pull rod, is part of the door latch/lock, and cannot be replaced, you must replace, the entire assembly. of coarse the dealership wants over $500.00 for the work, the part goes for $280.00, any tips out there.
  15. Did you have to remove the seat to accomplish this? I can see, with a flash light and mirror, that only one of the worm gears is turning, but it difficult to get a true picture of whats going on, when my wiew is upside down, and backwards.
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