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  1. MrLatifa, thanks for the encouragement and additional ideas to try. I will definitely remove the throttle body and do a thorough cleaning (including any small passages). I did a re-set using the EFI fuse, per the manual instructions, but there was no improvement. I don't have a scanner, just a multi-meter, and the (excellent)4,000 pg. :o Lexus manual. I'll see if I can "rent" one from AutoZone in the next few days and actually pull the codes. Right now I can't get it to overheat! <_< That's ok by me, but I've got a new coolant tank cap coming. The idle is still low, but it runs so smoothly that it's only an issue because it's not "right". I also found that my "guibo" driveshaft flex-coupling is shot, so the list grows. Actually I am extremely pleased with this car. I haven't had to do almost anything to it in the 5 years we have owned it. Regards, M.R.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a 1997 SC400. It runs great, and idles smoothly, but low (about 400-500 rpm). This causes it to overheat when waiting at traffic lights, etc. This is both in gear and in park, with the A/C on or off. If I raise the rpm up to about ~700rpm, the temp immediately goes down. I tried using the search function ("sc400 low idle", etc) but the site keeps telling me that I can't use words of three letters or less. That kinda eliminates "low"... Any ideas? All help is greatly appreciated. Edit: Today I tested the IAC and it seems to be working (clicks when engine shut down). I R&R'd it, disassembled and cleaned. No change in idle rpm. I also unplugged the MAF, and the engine died, so I guess it's working (no other driveability issues). I'll do a proper pin-out later and report. As for the overheating, I removed the large plug on the thermostat housing and added about 1/2 gallon of water. This probably means my coolant reservoir cap is bad, because the tank is full of coolant, but it wasn't being sucked back into the system. I left it running with the A/C on, and all seems well (but it's only 70*), so time will tell. Chime in with any suggestions as to the idle issue.... Regards, M.R.
  3. Thanks for the reply grnsc40095, I'll give 'em a try. Regards, M.R.
  4. Hi everyone, well, it looks like the Nakamichi amp in my 97 SC400 is toast :( . Soggy toast <_< . The radio started making the dreaded "skipping CD" sounds. I took out the cd changer and sure enough, there was water in the quarter panel. I tried drying it out with a hairdryer as the archives suggested, but no luck. So, does anyone have a Nakamichi amp they're willing to let go for a reasonable sum? T-I-A! Regards, M.R.
  5. Thanks for the support guys. After a day like that.... UCF3- I'm not sure what's up with the trans. I didn't flush it recently, I only checked the level and condition of tyhe fluid before the trip. Level was fine and tyhe color and smell were "as new". I'm not sure if I have two seperate issues (engine perf. and trans failure) or if the engine problems caused the trans to act up. The mech. has not called yet (new year and all...). LexSC400328- looks like we're in the same boat, eh? What the hell is it with all the morons around anyway? Any advice gladly considered. Regards. M.Rad.
  6. Well, now... Last weekend, I took the family to Fort Worth to see some friends, and some well deserved drunkenness and debauchery. All that went well. We ate, drank, drank,(did I mention drank?), and were merry... :D On Monday, we decided to all go to see the King Tut exhibit in Dallas. So Homey gets up and ai'nt feelin' right. Homey chalks it up to hangover-but no! By mid-day homey gots the fever, pounding headache and the queasies :o Homey soldiers on through the exhibit, we say bye to our friends and make our way to the parking lot. We get to the car (our beautiful burgundy 97 SC400) only to see that some DOUCHEBAG (can I say douchebag ?) has caved in the driver's side rear quarter, ahead of the tail light (about 18" x 18"). Of course no-one saw nothin' (including the lot attendant who took our $20 parking fee), and douchebag (I mean hot water bottle) didn't leave a note. Cowardly !Removed!. So we file a report with the police and are on our way. About 20 minutes into the drive, the 4-lane hwy is being funnelled down to 2 ln for construction. We are stuck in stop-n-go traffic for about 7-8 min.s when suddenly the car starts missing and running rough. It's bucking and has lost almost all power (this has been the smoothest running car I've ever had up till that point) I pull off at the next exit (about a mile and another 5-6 min.s) and pull into a gas station. When I raise the hood, there is smoke coming from near the firewall, and the engine is shaking visibly. I turned it off. When I checked the trans fluid it was starting to turn burnt (nice fresh red before the trip). We ended up renting a 16' Penske truck and car trailer, and made it back to Austin close to 10pm. My wife helped me into the house, pulled my boots off, and I crashed for 14 hours. At least the fever and chills are gone... The car is now at my favorite mechanic's (honest guys, good work), and I'm waiting to hear from them and the Ins Co. From what I've read on this forum and others, I'm leaning toward a bad coil, triggering limp mode. Still can't see why trans would overheat as well. <_< Any ideas? Happy New Year, everyone! Regards, M.R.
  7. Mine had a blown right rear shock that did the same. Replacement is easy and relatively inexpensive. Rides great now, no noise. Regards, M.R.
  8. Glad you got it fixed! Just one question: what are igniters? I know what coils are/do but...? Regards, M.R.
  9. I keep reading about people going to great length and expense to convert their pre-97 SCs to the 97-up front fascia. Personally, I like the pre-97 look better, without that itty-bitty grill in the nose. If it didn't cost so much to get it painted I would swap with someone... The tail lights, on the other hand are a diffrent matter! Anyone else feel the same? Bueller? Regards, M.R.
  10. Hell, you can park in Antarctica and some dumbass in a POS is gonna park right next to you, even if every other space in the lot is open. Then he'll proceed to door your car... Sorry to hear it man. Regaqrds, M.R.
  11. Thanks TACC! Where can I get info like that? Is there an online source (I'm also interested in the O/D ratio and maybe exploded diagrams of the engine, trans, etc) for this? Regards, M.R.
  12. Check this out: http://autospeed.com/cms/A_110577/article.html ; http://autospeed.com/cms/A_110555/article.html and: http://autospeed.com/cms/A_110581/article.html This is a good explanation of what egr does and how it can be used to your benefit . But first it must be working correctly... Regards, M.R.
  13. Hi guys, thanks for the welcome. Yeah, I'm looking forward to a break from the constant BMW maintenance / repair routine. "Fine German Engineering" my butt! Although, I know all cars have their problems and I'm sure the SC will have some too. I must say it has the smoothest running motor I have ever experienced, especially at idle. I did indeed find the car here in TX, which keeps me from having to worry about rust problems! I searched the forum and found the thread that led me to the shift knob site, but they say theirs wont fit the 97. BTW, what is the official Lexus name for the "maroon metallic" color? Regards, M.R.
  14. Hi All! I recently purchased a 1997 SC400, metallic maroon color, 91,000mi. It runs beautifully, has great power and handling. I have been into BMWs mostly (own 85 635CSi, 95 540i, 91 850i) so this is my 1st Japanese car. The only problem it has is the condensation in the headlights, but this forum has already provided me with info on how to fix it. Thanks! In fact, I admire almost everything about the car, except that phallic shifter! I e-mailed the people at WWW.Napolex.com but they say their line of LV-45x shift knobs dont fit my 97. Is there any other outfit selling an automatic shift knob with o/d for the '97? Regards, M.R.