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  1. I have a '97 Sc300 and luv it dearly. I'm thinking about a '98/2000 300 for some of its additional improvements. Does the VVT engine really make a difference and is it more or less reliable. I drove an '03 T-bird and I couldn't wait to get back into my SC. Anything to be wary about an '98-2000 Sc? thank you, jerzyjim
  2. I have a CEL w/code of Po401 on my '97 sc300. It refers to Egr and I just do not see it on the engine .Does anyone have a picture or anything else which would direct me to it. Will it do any harm to my engine to drive with this condition . Would really appreciate all and any help with this problem. thanx, Jim
  3. Mr. Motorhead, thank you very much for the info. My engine doesn't look like that; ('97 sc300 I6 cyl ) thanx again, jerzyjim
  4. I went to AutoZone this morning and they read my CEL code. It was PO401 and the definition was too little flow on the EGR system and follows; 1. Blocked passage on EGR system. 2. Failed EGR valve. 3. Failed EGR pressure sensor where applicable. 4. " " position " " " ...... Has anyone run into this problem, ( the car runs great and MPG are great ),and if so , any suggestions ? Has anyone used Seafoam in the intake and would this possibly take care of this problem. thanx for any help, jerzyjim
  5. On my 1997 sc300 there are three rear speakers with grills. I would like to remove the grills to check for dirt and loose speakers. How do I get the grills off ? thanx, jerzyjim
  6. I have a 1997 sc300 with 123,000 miles on it. There is an intermittent CHECK ENGINE LITE for a short time and then goes off for a week or two and then reappears for a while once again. The car runs wonderful and just went thru state inspection with unbelievable low emissions. I don't know how to get the codes when the CEL appears. I have a theory, could the O ring gasket on the gas cap be the culprit. thanx for all help, jerzyjim
  7. I just bought a '97 sc 300 and I'm about to put new tires on it. What size over, with keeping the original rims 16, can I go and what side effects can I expect. In other words, can I go 225/50/16 or 225/45/16 or 235 ? thanx, jerzyjim
  8. My '97 SC has a headlite/fog lite switch on the steering column. If the fog lite switch is not turned on, then the same lamps become cornering lites. If it is turned on, they are driving/fog lites. My problem is that the passenger side does both functions, but the driver's side does neither! I'm trying to find out how to change the driver's side bulb. thanx, jim
  9. I'm new to Lexus sc300, ( 1 day ), and 1 of my fog lites does not operate. How do I get to the old bulb ? thanx, jerzyjim '97 sc300 (YEA ) :)
  10. I just got my '97 Sc300 today and the AC is slightly cool, not cold. If it could be a mag clt, could I know if it was bad? I'm sure I located it, in front of radio fuse. How do I remove it? It seems very resistant to removal. Oh by the way, the car is sensational !!!!! Thanx for your time and advice...... jerzyjim
  11. Joe, Fantabulous!!!! What is and where can you get 3m perfect-it 2 !!! thanx, jim