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  1. Thanks for the linked. I found the shrouds under the body links - but not enough detail. I did find that the shroud has some glue residue, so I assume there was some kind of foam block on it. This shroud is plastic, but there is also a metal piece on top of it between the tank and the big shroud and it rattles as well. Probably going to have to look under another 07 to see what it is supposed to look like. I think the foam block is part of the plastic shroud assembly.
  2. OK, so I think it is the fuel tank shield - or one of them. I just need to find out what goes on the front to stop it from flapping.
  3. I guess no one has looked under their RX. Anyone know where an online parts list with pictures would be for this area of the vehicle? Or does anyone know what the parts are under the drivers seat so that I can find them on a diagram.... I don't even know what is under the shroud.
  4. 07 RX350 - Wife's RX has a rattle under the drivers seat that only happens at 60mph plus - I rode in the back, and I can feel something tapping from underneath. Looking under the card I see a black plastic shroud with a gap at the front - i can flex it up to hit the bottom of the car, so i believe this is the culprit. It appears secured, so I wonder if it is missing a piece. The picture below is from the drivers side - front looking back. There looks to be a mark on the bottom of the car where this has rubbed, or maybe there was a foam block that came out? If not this, then what else to check? Thanks!
  5. I bought them for $ 100 including shipping and installed it myself. Just washed the area with soap to remove any dirt. Did not use any solvent nor used any roller. The moulding comes with a sticky tape. Removed the tape and just pressed it evenly from one side to the other. Check my photos. It took only 20 minutes to install. Where did you get such a good price, or anyone have the discount code for Sewell?
  6. If you have the entire light assembly partially removed and you are looking to just replace the clear lens on the outside, you can't - I assume it is cracked or scratched? If so the entire lens addembly needs to be replaced: That is not say that there may be away to cut apart the unit and glue a new outer lens on, but it is not made to do this.
  7. I just got a 2010 RX and it runs fine on regular. Had a 2007 for 4 years and it has run on regular the entire time engine is quiet and wife gets 21 mpg - no interstate at all. I don't see how any performance gain would be worth the extra cost for premium. If the engine ever starts knocking or getting noisy i may switch - but I am not worried about engine damage as the modern computers are monitoring for all these conditions.
  8. There is an amp behind the back seats - maybe a separate fuse at the amp? If the radio works, then it is not the amp, but maybe something internal with the CD player.
  9. Did they mount tires on your wheels, or did put on wheel tire sets? My guess is they just pulled 4 wheel/tire units off a new vehicle and put them on yours.
  10. It could be an out of balance drive shaft - that is always a possibility. A bearing would probably have blown apart by now, and is probably not massive enough to create a vibration you feel.
  11. I have had success in the past dealing with other auto makers when the dealer dropped the ball. It should be done before contacting an attorney as it is usually cheaper and faster. I had a Grand Cherokee that the dealer did a poor job repairing, or "could not repair" certain items. Here is what I did to get this resolved and it has worked with warranty claims for many other products I have owned. Write a letter. Use your computer/word processor to write a nice letter describing your problems, that they were not handled and a timeline. Very similar to what you have done here. Attach any documentation you have - if you brought the car in for this many times, the service ticket should say "customer notices condensation in headlight". Send your letter certified mail and return receipt requested to the regional customer service office listed in your manual; you can send an additional copy to the North American CEO or consumer relations - find someone very high up. Putting things in writing gets a lot more attention then a phone call. Remember to keep the tone business like and respectful. I am surprised that the dealer won't help - especially if the service adviser acknowledges your many trips.
  12. I never saw that this thread any action... I still haven't done anything in regards to changing my OEM receiver, but here is a double din plate:;js...t04?productId=5 I have not tried it yet, and will look for some cheaper alternatives. So, I am getting closer to a new project. In addition to the 2DIN faceplate, This company: makes wiring harness adapters for our vehicles that give us 2 important functions: 1. Supposedly no wire cutting and full support for factory speakers and amp through a module that matches up with most major brand of radio 2. Support for steering wheel controls (through use another module). Crutchfield sells these, but the crutchfield site says the RX is not supported, however the manufacturer's site says it is. Crutchfield told me the manufacturer's site is more up to date. So for about $200 I can get the face plate and wiring modules, then maybe $600 for a 2XDIN GPS/BT/iPod integration head unit and I have what Lexus wanted $3000 for - I just lose the 6 disc changer. Let's see if anyone else wants to take the plunge first..... the parts are all there to make it happen. mABd0
  13. I never saw that this thread any action... I still haven't done anything in regards to changing my OEM receiver, but here is a double din plate:;js...t04?productId=5 I have not tried it yet, and will look for some cheaper alternatives.
  14. While it's true that you can't send your phone book to a Lexus with an iPhone, the limitation is with the car and not the phone. I have an RX400h and a Tundra with the factory bluetooth and can't sync with either but the add-on Parrot LS3200 in my Honda S2000 syncs with my iPhone every time I start the car automatically. Actually you can argue that both the phone and the car are to blame. The Bluetooth standard uses the term "profiles" to define what BT functions a phone supports. Handsfree, Headset are the common ones for use as a phone or music headphones. When it comes to address books, there are a couple of different profiles that support different things - one profile lets you send one contact at a time (almost a file copy), and another profile supports address book access (viewing the address book on the phone). The iphone allows access to the address book, but not sending contacts. The Lexus supports Contact copy, not address book access. Additionally, the stereo music streaming BT function on the iPhone (A2DP) only supports a subset of controls - so you can send music from your iphone to BT headset or cars that support A2DP, but you can only pause and play - you can't skip to the next track. I would like to see Apple update the BT functions on the phone, as many other phones support all these profiles. Yes, I have simplified my descriptions of things so I did skip a few steps. BTW, if other phones can sync their address books with the Lexus, then wouldn't this make the iPhone the problem and not the car?
  15. Someone is definitely giving you false information. Based on what they are saying, you could never leave your car at the airport or go on a vacation for more then 3 days. I would find another dealer. period. Maybe try a Toyota dealer, although they may not do warranty lexus work. Also, I would go higher up at corporate - this is 100% wrong. We have left ours in the garage for a week or more while away and it starts fine. If you have had 3 different batteries, something is actively killing them. I would suspect the alternator is sending to much current to the battery; maybe you are missing the main ground loop - although your battery should last more then 3 days then. You have a serious electrical issue, but I am not sure why Lexus is not doing more to fix the problem.
  16. Look at the link above and follow the thread. the first post gives you the part number: If you don't have a towing package then an electrical converter is necessary - P/N 82670-48050. This is a converter box that plugs into the loom and gives you the proper connector for the trailer hitch harness you just bought.
  17. Call around to junkyards. Look in the yellow pages under salvage or used auto parts.
  18. Well, All i can say is "to each his own". But some clarification points: 1. This was not a warranty repair in any sense. My doing the work has no more effect then a glass company doing the work. If something fails due to that work, then it is not covered under the Lexus warranty, even if a glass company does the door glass. 2. I and many others here have put on our trailer hitch and change our oil. As much as dealers want you to believe that doing your own work will void your warranty, it will not. They have to prove negligence. This warranty issue has been upheld in many court cases over the last 75 years. You can find references on many consumer sites. Again, your warranty will not be voided by doing maintenance yourself if it does to manufacturers specs. 3. Just because Lexus says to use Frank's autoglass does NOT mean I will get a technician that has ever done a Lexus RX. I was in the service industry for years... it is very possible that the technician you get will be doing his first solo run. He could be awesome, he may not be. If the owner never hired new help and was a one man show then I agree with you, but as with all businesses, it depends on the turnover of the help. I use many small businesses whenever I can, but most things in life i do myself. If I do it, I never have to go back. 4. I have done this dozens of times on many different makes and models. I will put my skills up against any pro any day. Again, I do draw the line at the front windshield - unless it is antique that requires an insert seal - i have done a few of these and they are easy. 5. Glass color. The dealer knew the color by VIN number - they told me about the issue and showed me the colors. Lexus ordered the color based on VIN - That was easy! Every 3rd party (included the one recommended by the dealer) was not able to tell which color it was. The best they could say was "if it doesn't match we will order another". There was no option to have them see it first. I know my glass is made by PPG and not by Lexus. But going with the Lexus product, gives me a window that says "lexus" in the corner, while going with a 3rd party product would not have. 6. Insurance, if i could get a $100 deductible for $25 per year I would do it. As it is now, my premiums are great, but to lower my deductible on comprehensive would cost me a lot more. Again, I can't really complain as the $500 deductible with nice coverage is really cheap. So I will gamble, and if in 20 years I get another window broken, then I will pay for that too, and come out ahead. What is really involved in replacing door glass is very simple: 1. remove the door panel 2 peel back water curtain 3 remove 2 screws in glass mount bar 4. Discard old glass mount bar 5. slide new glass into door 6. secure with 2 screws 7. replace door panel This is not boring an engine or porting a head. This is equivalent to replacing the radio with an aftermarket one, but I guess there are people that would advocate having a pro do that too. Google sometime about professional stereo/video install horror stories. So there are good pros out there, no doubt about it. But every single one of them have based the job cost on their time to do the job. When time or profit margin is taken out of the equation, more detail can be given to the job. That is why I do it. I didn't miss work, and I enjoy it, so for me it was worth it. Let's just say we agree to disagree.
  19. A few reasons: 1. There is no one as meticulous as me - I want all the broken glass cleaned up and out. I have worked in many customer facing roles that had me doing high end custom work, and most of my peers wanted to get in and get out - even when being paid by the hour. No matter what anyone says they will never "treat it like it is their own". So, I will spend 3 hours scraping and vacuuming the inside of the door shell to remove every spec of glass that is stuck to the sticky film. 2. I will research first - I don't want a guy trying to remove the door panel, that doesn't know how the Lexus panel comes off and then breaking something else. It happens. Instead I opt to spend some time researching it first. 3. Timing - glass was broken on Friday July 4th. Saturday, no on had it in stock, and Sunday I was leaving town and returning Friday. Next opportunity for install was Saturday. 4. Color, Glass companies all said no problem, but Lexus showed me that there are 2 different window colors (tints) depending on VIN. I would be really *BLEEP*ed if I showed up on Saturday and they had the wrong color. 5. The insurance company pays a big company to do it... they are not a special Lexus installer and my comprehensive has a $500 deductable - the installed window never gets to this cost. I have saved so much over the years with a higher deductible that paying for this out of pocker is no big deal. 6. I have restored many cars, and changing out side windows is a piece of cake - front windshield I would have paid for Finally, I did because I like working on cars. I bought the RX because i like a quite ride that has some power. I put on my own OEM trailer hitch and will soon install my own aftermarket stereo/BT/Nav combo. Just because I drive an expensive car, doesn't mean I forgot where I came from or how to fix basic things. If I have the time and the skill (and the inclination), I usually do it myself. Sorry to ramble, but you asked. :)
  20. I have an 07 RX 350 with the standard radio. I want to BT so I am looking at some aftermarket radios that add touchscreen, NAV, BT, etc. Online i have found a faceplate adapter that replaces the radio with a double DIN opening and matches perfectly. Has anyone done this? If so, what have you used for a wiring harness adapter? Is it possible for the steering wheel controls to still work? Surely someone has upgraded the stock radio with something other then the Lexus Nav system. Thanks for any advice. mABd0
  21. I would get out pen and paper (not email) the manufacture customer service address (listed in the book). State the facts of your experience and reasonable expectations (Lexus should compensate you for fuel costs driving back and forth when they order wrong parts). Send such a letter certified mail & return receipt requested. In my experience, every time i have written a letter, I have received satisfactory compensation to similar issues. I have done this with a few different manufacturers, and when they know you are serious, have a valid complaint, and are not looking for a hand out, they have taken care of me. In the rare case, where the 1st letter doesn't get a response, a second letter with a copy sent to the president (again certified, signature required, return receipt) always gets me noticed and some good results.
  22. Is the extended warranty through the Lexus dealer and backed by Lexus/Toyota or some 3rd party? Many 3rd party warranty companies have gone out of business or have lots of exceptions regarding what they cover. I would only by an extended warranty from the manufacturer as you know they will be around. Also, the price on these things are very negotiable. Regarding warranty exceptions - if a non-covered part fails and causes a covered part to fail, you usually have to fight with the warranty companies - again, more reason to deal with a manufacturers extended warranty - they want t a happy customer.
  23. LexusPartsOnline has some good prices if you paste the part number into the OEM box: PT34748040 $31.99 CARGO NET, RX330 Shipping is usually reasonable and no tax unless you are in TX. They list this for a 2006 RX. but the 330 and 350 seem to be the same.
  24. Bamboo looks mostly beige, but it does have a slight green tint, so it doesn't look like all the other gold/beige cars out there, but I would NOT call it light green. Based on what I saw for certified pre-owned, the price you quote and mileage look like a great buy. Even without a CPO warranty. I saw 04 and 05 with 50K going for $30K with a CPO warranty - i say the warranty is worth maybe $2k - $3k. I just picked up an 07 with 22K miles on it and 30 months/38K miles left on the warranty for $32K and it was a dealer loaner. I think I got a good deal, but it is hard to say... people are dumping lots of SUVs on the market and if the 09's don't sell well, then my value will be shot quicker then I hoped.
  25. This is the outcome of my aftermarket navigation system. I decided to go with the Pioneer AVIC-Z1. See attached photo. If you have any questions, please contact me. DW... So will the steering wheel controls still work? Did you buy any kind of wiring harness adaptor or just the bezel? Thanks! A So has anyone else replaced the factory radio? Do the steering wheel controls work or can they be made to work with certain head units? What about wiring harness - brand, experience, etc. Thanks, A
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