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  1. The dealership installed 2 sets of tires they knew were fine and still a vibration. Also. the road force balance results suggested a flat spot on the right front tire and I replace it without any impact on the vibration. Could it be a bearing? driveshaft?
  2. First timer here, please be gentle. I am a Canadian who bought a very nice 2009 Certified RX350 with 25k miles in September from a Lexus dealer in a New York State. IT had a clean Carfax. One of my conditions of purchase was to have new tires installed becasue of the mileage. The dealer installed Hankooks. Only after I was dringni home on the highway speed did i sense a vibration. I stopped for a coffee and looked for wheel weights and could find none. I assumed the dealer did not balance the tires when they were installed and would do it when I got home at my cousins garage. They had not been balanced and the ride improved immediately but the vibration was still noticable at 75-80 miles an hour. I took the car to my hometown dealership who advised the tires were likely out of balance and that my cousin;s machine was likely not modern enough to handle the 18 inch tires. They were balanced again and road tested. Still a vibration (and noise). They put 2 different sets of tires on the car (including a set from a brand new 350), vibration still there. The local Lexus dealer suggested that I need to have the rotors turned. They were, without success. Their next suggestion was to have Road Force balance and they suggested that the right front tire needed to be replaced. I did that as well. While doing this work they told me that the vibration was measured using some vibration assessment tool. I asked about the result, but was told they did not have them and the results were sent to Lexus Canada for analysis but tat the vibration is coming from the right front tire. Finally, last week an engineer from Lexus Canada assessed my car with a master technician and reviewed previous test results and work performed. The vibration was re-measured and I was told that it was "within their parameters" and my file would be closed. They would not tell me what the parameters were, what tool was used to measure and I was not able to speak to the engineer who conducted the tests. 2 mechanics that I know, who would tell me if I was out-to-lunch, are puzzled but suggest a wheel bearing or the gyroscope used for handling may need to be recalibrated. The vibration, which still feels like a wheel balance issue at 80 mph, needs to be fixed an I an now preparing to return to the US dealer and will be taking the local dealer to small claims court to recover my expenses. Before I go, does anyone have any ideas that may help identify the source? wheel bearing? gyroscope? Ive checked the roof racks and they are ok. Please. Any ideas?? As for so many of you who rave about your Lexus cars, I am envious. Thanks BTW, I think Lexus Canada does not appreciate Canucks who buy in the states. They f