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  1. My serpentine belt snapped when idler seized up.    Standing in front of car looking at engine the idler on the top left is frozen up.   Is this bolt LH or Rh.    Can I purchase the part at Auto Zone,or do i go to Lexus?  Thanks

  2. Thanks for all the info. I'm no mechanic but I learned alot with all the posts. About 2 years ago (20,000 miles) I changed Plugs,Wires,Rotors,Caps,Fuel Filter and Air Filter. Timing Belt and Water Pump were changed 75,000 miles ago. ECU Unit was changed 60,000 miles ago. I have had the car for over 10 years and never changed the Oxygen sensors and I doubt the owner before me ever changed them. The car seems to run fine. There is no difference in performance since the light came on. For the past 3 months the car has sat in the garage and would not be started for 2 or 3 weeks
  3. Checked the code with the jump wire thru the diagnostic port. Code 25-(AIR FUEL RATIO LEAN MALFUNCTION.) What does this mean? Also Trak Off light just kept blinking the whole time. Could I have gotten bad gas. L Always use Premium Gas in car. Would it help if I put injector cleaner in gas tank? Thanks for all the help so far.
  4. Don't really know much about cars.I haven't driven the car that much during the winter months.The other day when I drove it the indicator lights came on.The manual says that this light is the MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LAMP (h) and there is a problem with the engine electrical system.Also theTRACTION OFF LIGHT,(n) came on at the same time,this indicates a problem in the anti-lock brake system.The car seems to run fine.I read on the internet that if you disconnect the battery for 5 minutes the system will reset.Would this be alright to do. Thanks
  5. engine light on 1993 ls400
  6. 2006 rx330 interference engine?
  7. Can only open drivers window.Cannot open any other windows from switch.
  8. Thanks,I think i am going to give it a try.I don't know if i should put it in the oil or not.All the synthetic oils do not reccomend putting any additives to their oil.I am afraid of cleaning things up too much and maybe burning oil .Right now I use Mobil 1 oil and I don't burn any oil at all.Does it really do that much good to put it in the oil?
  9. I have a 93 LS400 with 170,000 miles.The car runs well.I am going to change the plugs and before I do I was thinking of running the Seafoam through the brake hose.Saw the instructions and video on the forum.My question is will the seafoam do any damage by cleaning and loosening the sludge and carbon build up in the cylinders on a car with so many miles on it?Like start burning oil or any other problems.Should I forget the Seafoam and just change the plugs? Thanks
  10. I had a similar problem.Check engine light came on and trac off also came on.Car was slow accelerating and when I was going home on expressway car would jerk and bog down at times.Got car home and had to have it towed into garage because I couldn't keep it started.They couldn't figure out the problem because they couldn't access the computer.Had it towed to Lexus and they even had problems diagnosing problem.Turned out to be the ECU,Engine Control Unit.VERY EXPENSIVE
  11. Try looking on E-Bay.They will tell you what years and models can be programmed by you and will give you the instructions to program the key,but you need an original key to program.You will have to check the locksmiths in your area and find one that can cut your key.the programming instructions are very simple.
  12. Purchased a 93 LS 400 and immediately switched over to Mobil 1 extended performance oil.Change every 6 months or 7,500 miles which ever comes first,and I have had no problems at all.
  13. I am going to change plugs and decided to go with the denso iridium.They list a couple different plugs I can use: SK20R11 is listed as the IR Long,the IK20 is listed as IR power.The IK20's are about $4.00 more a plug.Is it better or worth it to go with the IK20's at an extra $4.00 a plug,or should I just use the SK20R11. Thanks
  14. What are the OEM parts for: Wires,Distributor Cap and Rotor, and Air Filter for a 93 LS 400. Thanks
  15. Thanks very much. Photos and info is excellent.
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