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  1. I also have a large output of white smoke at startup. I checked the air hose at front of engine block that goes to the power steering ACV, and it seems to be sucked closed. Should this tubing be as soft as it is? or did a mechanic go cheap and give me the wrong type of tubing? I couldn't imagine that it is correct for the tubing to be sucked closed like this. Anybody know whats going on here?
  2. Does anyone know if an OBD II testing unit can be plugged into a '94 LS400? will the ECU for this car even output a compatible code? help....
  3. I just got my ecu rebuilt in my 94 ls400, and I just installed it. My car does not start up though still. I am just wondering if there is a reset or fuse I need to do something with. please help!!
  4. 'Got one from a 94 LS400, let me know if it's the same and if you are interested. I am interested, what is the model number on your unit? if its a match, I'll give ya $100
  5. My ECM for my 94 LS400 is burnt out. does anyone know where to get a reliable replacement for under $900?
  6. My 94 LS400 is having problems. The Check engine light and TRAC OFF light both came on this morning right after a period off erratic idling. I have since been experiencing a lack of acceleration and air-conditioning, while the lights stay on. It sounds like a vacuum tube is leaking near the cabin side of the engine block. Please help if you have had similar problems or if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks
  7. I have a '94 LS400 and I drive an hour away to get to work, today everything was fine until I get to work early and sit with my car idling. The engine almost stalls a few times, and then the check engine and TRAC OFF lights come on. I checked again at lunch and the idle problem got worse ( still didn't stall but almost). When I drive now, the warning lights stay on, and my acceleration has diminished as well as my air-conditioning. Does anyone have a similar problem with a solution?
  8. Here is a diagram showing the location of components: Although the diagram sort of makes it look like the telephone ECU is in the car interior, it is really on the left side of the trunk behind the trim. Im sorry but the link provided does not work, is there anywhere else to find this diagram?
  9. That's odd. Audio system mute issues from the dealer installed car phones have usually affected the sound from the radio, cassette player and CD player equally -- at least that is what has been reported in previous threads. Usually disconnecting all the phone system components will resolve the problem -- on some Lexus phone systems, two connectors have to be plugged together after disconnecting them from the phone ECU in the trunk. Yours is the first time I've heard of anyone having to unplug a connector from the head unit to resolve this type of problem. To illustrate my point, several of
  10. After a few too many minutes working on solving this issue, it seems that the factory installed car phone was the issue. to remove the phone ( and its negative affects like auto volume attenuation) just unplug the smallest wire plug from the back of the head unit. Then remove the fuse from under the steering fuse box to reset the stereo system. It figures, always look for simple solutions first. I actually found schematics for the amplifier and took it apart, assuming there was a beat capacitor or resistor somewhere.
  11. Sounds like the amp is bad. The radio is crystal clear though.
  12. Not only is my cd audio quality terrible, but at a certain volume the audio clips and cuts out. is it my head unit or the contacts from the cd to the amp. Anyone else having this problem? 1994 LS400
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