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  1. Buzzing sound in dash

    2004 GS300 164K drives well too. Just noticed the same buzzing sound sometime under dashboard when car is on. any idea?
  2. Hello, bayray: Thanks for this info. How much does it cost to program a Lexus key? We have a key for other Lexus car (same model), but we sold other one. So, we can use this one for our current Lexus car, if it can be programmed.....Thanks again!
  3. 2007 Lexus 460

    I had a similar situation before. Talked to dealer and my mechanics. The headlight bulb was about to be burnt out, so we changed the lightbulb and it worked well. Dealer was changing $300 or $400/lightbulb due to the normal Lexus procedures, changing from the top. My mechanics used the internet suggested short-cut (maybe in YouTube too) method to go from under to change it and it only cost me $70. Hope it helps!
  4. 07 Control Arm bushings

    Hello Guys! I am new to the forum. I also have a 2007 LS460 base. I have been recommended by Lexus to replace all front control arms and the cost is also about $5k. Can we just use after-market control arms, which is a lot cheaper? If so, which manufacturer is better since we found several brands are available... Your help will be much appreciated....Thanks.