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  1. on the weekends when i dont have to rush anywhere before leaving home
  2. Looks like u need your Rotors resurfaced or if thats not possible u will need new ones u can have new ceramic brake pads installed when ur at it. about the ride it could be anything have it looked at this car isnt a LS so it doesnt have that gliding kinda feel thanks the price sounds like a sweet deal
  3. if u want to u can have the plugs the cam seals valve cover gaskets and water pump replaced and some more oil seals also flush the tranny if u want to go a bit cheaper just the timing belt and plugs should be ok but not recommended drain and fill the tranny too
  4. I always wanted to do some changes on my 94 on the tail cause it kinda looks tooooo old but unfortunately there arent any aftermarket parts try ur own ingenious ways to make em look good try easy things like the black cover on em
  5. go to a toyota dealer same work right equipment cheaper price and they have the tools to do a good job
  6. nice interior but still the body style makes the car look bulky on the outside
  7. There are some old BMWs and Benz that ull see the metal sunroof
  8. Hey guys i have always had this question about whats the difference between the moon roof and sun roof i ve heard different people say different stuff but nobody really has the confirmed answer. Let me know guys Thanks
  9. but then there is also a possibility of oil leaks resulting from switching from regular oil to synthetic oil since sometimes it leads to oil seal failure even though u have been using a blend of both oils there is a slight chance which can never be eliminated though i might be wrong and also since these engines are succeptable to gelling or sludge why take the chance of prolonging the duration between oil changes i would rather make it shorter time duration between oil changes like 3000 miles but then we are all just yapping about our opinions arent we
  10. There is a connector at the reservoir of the brake fluid which turns on when the fluid low check its connection and remove it and check if the light goes away some times that has some problem i had it once i disconnected it and it went away reconnected after a month didnt come back
  11. with the engine running do u see the fluid movement in the reservoir
  12. Whitout any codes its difficult even with the codes its sometimes difficult to pinpoint where the trouble is. start by the easy stuff clean all the upper stuff like T/B MAF and change the fuel filter also if it hasnt been in a while
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