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  1. I have an 04 RX 330 and bought a key off ebay. I got a local locksmith to cut and reprogram the transmitter so it will start the vehicle. Does anyone have instructions on how to program the buttons so they work also? Any help would be great.
  2. Just my two scents. I own a 04 RX330 and put on the lat x-ice a month ago. I get no noise at any speeds. I also have the 235/55r18. There is really no better tire or even an equivalent to the x-ice. I would think long and hard before downgrading.
  3. Is there anyone who can tell me if the HID bulbs in my 04 RX330 can be replaced with a bulb that will give me a higher K value. What is the K value on the OEM bulbs. Any help please.
  4. Only my two cents here but I would ditch the !Removed!. There is always a nicer new lower miled version out there plus for $31500 you should be able to pick up an 05 with lower miles and all the bells and whistles including the bluetooth in 05 is quite nice. I also have na 04 and understand why you love it as I will never go back. Good luck
  5. well 3 days of searching for answers and I think I have answered my own question. It is very clear to me that I have a Gen 3 nav with Version 3.1. For anyone wondering like myself you will find this link helpful.... well I did anyway.
  6. I've heard and read so much regarding these navs. I have a 04 rx330 and my disc is Part# 86271-33032 version 3.1 what is the newest version that this system will accept. Any help Please!!
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