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  1. yes The parts I am looking for is only a dealer part?
  2. Looking a discount dealer for parts?
  3. WTB Rx300 beige leather drivers seat or cover in good shape mine is getting a bit worn out .
  4. My rear bulb out indicator light is one constantly can not find any bulbs out?
  5. Looking for a oem parts dealer with good prices?
  6. Most likely IACV. Just do a search here for "IACV" for more info than you will ever want to know. Well removed the IACV it was stuck could not move the magnet, sprayed carb cleaner down the hole in the throttle body truned the magnet by hand a bunch of times till it was free and smooth. Car know runs Thanks so much for the help. That took all of 15 min to do and I am sure Lexus would have banged me for that.....
  7. I s there a fuel filter that has to be changed on a 03 rx300
  8. All of a sudden after moving the car in my drive an hour before and all was fine went to move it back and she will not start or run unless my foot is on the gas keeping her at around 2k rpm. smell gas !!!!!! let my foot of the gas she dies...... NO ENGINE Lights on ???? 2003 RX 300 80k mint cond.
  9. On My RX300 the Head light level light seems to come on when its wet out? today was fine then started to rain and it came on after a bit? this has happend many times? Could this be the that level sensor on the back suspension? think I had seen it on the rear sway bar?
  10. I have a 03 RX300 with 80k on it and noticed a oil burning smell at a light . I look under the car and found a few drips right where the trans meets the engine? Can this be a rear main at 80K ? the car has been pampered and used nothing but Mobil 1 ...
  11. I have a dash headlight level light on. does anyone have any to diagnos tips on this prob with out going to the dealer?
  12. Hi All, Well I have had my 02 Rx300 for allmost 10 months and love it! no probs till now. all of a sudden I have this light on my dash. its the headlight leveling warning light?? Does anyone have a idea what this means? The headlights do move to there position when the car is started like allways?
  13. Tranny fluid in our cars has to reach 153 degrees to operate normally. Thanks guys thats good to know my trans is not on the way out!
  14. I have noticed that my trans is not shifting to o/d when the car is very cold. . today it was very bad. I was gettiing on the hiway that is about 1/2 mile from my home doing 50mph the car was doing 4k rpm and did not shift to o/d untiil a good mile or so.......I did change the trans fluid at around 60k 5 months ago. was wondering if a trans fluid cond would hepl?
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