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  1. I have a 92 SC400 that could not pass smog due to the check engine light was burnt out. After replacing the bulb. I am throwing a code 13 that I can not get rid of. I just replaced the spark plugs and replug some wires to sensors. Still has that idiot light. Anyone have any Ideas what it could be??
  2. This might be a dumb question. If I change the auto to a manual transmission will it be illegal in California and not pass smog check?
  3. Does anyone know where the relay for the memory seats r located
  4. I have a 92 sc400 and my memory seats don't work. I don't know if the buttons are bad or if its something else. The electronic seats work fine and the buttons are plugged in behind the panel. Does anyone know if this is a common problem for sc and if it is what is the first thing I should troubleshoot? Thanks
  5. Hey moe moe there is no fuse or switch for the hydrolic fans
  6. You can try putting the tire iron on the lugnut and stand on it with all you weight. You may have to hop on it to give it more uph. Very IMPORTANT to loosen it the right direction or you will break the lugnuts off. "righty tighty lefty loosey".
  7. I just bought new rims and I need tires. They are 18x8 front 18x9 rear. I have been reading in all magazines that if you have staggared rims you put 40 series in front and 35 series in the back. Now how does this work? I called a tire place for tires and they told me that I should put 265 40 in the rear and 245 40 in the front. But looking up tire track website it recommeds 145 40 front and 265 35 in rear. What is you guys input of that. I never got staggared rims before and I am confused.
  8. Well I fixed the ignition problem it was the primary coil. Thanks again for all the advice. Now back to my first problem, the overheating. I narrowed it down to the heater control valve, because one, it is a common problem for lexus v8s, and two, someone told me that if that is clogged it wouldn't circulate, also it tells the fan ecu to spin faster. I know it is the fan, cause it DOESN'T spin faster at normal temp. And I know it can spin faster cause if I unplugged the coolant temp sensor, which is located on the radiator, it DOES spin faster. I found a engine cooling fan-hydrolic r
  9. Im in San Diego. It is a nice hot day, but not too hot. But this weather is nothing like the great weather in Hawaii. Wish we had the cool breeze of the Hawaiian trade winds. We got winds here, but they come from the desert and they ain't cool.
  10. Thanks Jzz30. I ordered another coil today. I am guessing now that the reason why my car is overheating is that the heater control valve is clogged cause my heater doesn't work either. I have been looking around the msg board and it has the symtoms. I did switch vacumm hoses and I still didn't get any heat. I hoping that is the problem. I'll post the outcome when I receive my coil. By the way you from Hawaii. Howzitt!! Hows the weather. I was born there, went to Aiea High School.
  11. Now I have worst problems. When I checked the water pump and found out it seemed to be replaced recently. I removed the thermostat to see if water was flowing right, then I started the car. It was running fine. I was adding water in the inlet hole on the thermastat housing and then all of a sudden the car dropped in idle and started to idle rough. I was a idle like the timing was off or one of the pistons was not working. Then it smelled very rich and the piping and cats under the car started to smoke. Every time I try to rev the car the needle will jump all over the place. But there
  12. I don't think it is the waterpump. The pulley I thought was part of the water pump was the electic fan pump pulley. When I got taking most of the pieces of my car to see the water pump hidden behind the electric fan pump, the water pump looked like it was changed recently. it looks pretty clean. I bought the car in february last year. I think the system needs to be burped and still something is wrong with the electric fans from turning on on high speed. I know it is not the relay cause this car don't have electric fan relays. I hope to god it is not a bhg. I still need more suggestions
  13. I think it is the waterpump. It feels loose when I shake the pulley. There is no leaks though. Thanks for the advice. I have another question. How do you fill the radiator with antifreeze. There is no radiator cap on the radiator. just the resovior. The manual says I have to put it in the inlet hose while the car is running. Is this the top radiator hose or the small hose that connects the radiator to the resovior? Thanks again.
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