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  1. Does anybody know were I can get a good price on basic tune parts for my 92 SC 300. I already got the Iriadium plugs (denso) for $10 a piece but the prices of the ignition wires and water pump were a little too high. Also what brands shall I avoid (I found a A1 Cardone water pump for $74, anybody have this pump on their SC's) Any help will be apreaciated. Thank You
  3. I have had the car for a month now, and 4000 miles later the car is still running fine, as far as the leak goes, I only have only noticed real dark and sticky oil around the O ring and also along the valve seals (so far it looks like a seep not a leak) and I occasionaly smell the oil, from the seep but no smoke and I havent seen a drop oil on the ground yet. And for now I am just checking my oil level regularly and plan on addressing the problem in the near future. So I hope I will be Ok until then. PS. Does anybody know a good Lexus mechanic around the dc metro area? Thanks
  4. Is there a V6 or did you mean the inline 6
  5. I just bought my 92 sc300 (110000 miles) a month ago and I noticed the other day a brown stain which looked like it was splatered all over by the fan. I asked some freinds and they have told me that it was the coolant. Now the debate is were the leak is coming from, I assumed it was from the radiator hose but somebody else also told me that it was my water pump. The dealer said (no paper work) all the maintenance was done (timing belt, waterpump etc.) So is this sign that none of these maintenances have been addressed? The collant level was also very low, I replinshed it a week ago and I haven
  6. That made feel a lot better, I was mainly concerned about the ticking sound. Thanks alot HRP & AWJ
  7. Hello, I had a couple of questions about my 92 SC300 (110000mi.), 1) It makes a continuous dripping, clicking sound after the engine is turned off, this lasts for a good 15 to 20 min. I understand, this could be the car just cooling off, but I don’t notice it so much on other cars also it’s not that loud on other cars, is this normal? 2) When I bought the car 2 weeks ago the dealer informed me that they had just changed the brake pads that same day. After two days or so it started making a screeching sound, this happens often, specially if I am going slow and I hit the brakes, is this als
  8. My problem on my 92 sc300 acoording to the lexus dealer is the ac clutch. The fan goes on but it never gets cold, do I have to change the clutch or will getting a recharge help for the moment.
  9. After days of doing research and multiple mechanics later I decided to buy the car. Even with all the problems it has, I still couldnt walk away from it. The last mechanic and the most honest, I believe said that the car is fine specially if I change the gasket seal. The tranmision seal, he told me was fine but there realy wasnt any way to be sure by just looking under the hood. He later noted that there wasnt any transmision fluid mixed with the leak and concluded that it was just oil coming down. Thank you guys for all the help and with all the problems and plans I have with this car, you wi
  10. Do I have to fix all of them at once or which ones can wait ? Because I wouldnt have alot of money left after I buy it for $6000
  11. UCF3 I tried to pm you but I had an eror showing, but the car is in college park, md and right now I am at work in va. I would realy appreciate it if you looked at it for me. I can bring the car over if you like. (703) 653-7070 thats were you can reach me right now
  12. On my reciept from the Lexus dealer, from the inspection its say "Major tune up (Valve cover gaskets leaking into spark plugs". and "Rear main engine seal/front trans seal $1190.00. And front struts $1097. Motor mounts $523, a/c compressor and clutch $1827, front brake pads and rotors $650 and finaly Distributer O ring $295.00", I also didnt think these were typical Lexus prices. So should I go ahead and buy the car for $6000? ps. thank you so much for the quick reply, I was trying to decide by tomorow.
  13. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum but I have reading for a while one, since I am determined on buying an Sc300/400. I found a 92 sc300 at a local dealer for $6800 and it has 109000 miles. I took it to a Lexus dealer and they basicaly told me I need about $6000 of repairs on it (personaly I thought they were overpriced). The main problems were, a valve cover gasket leaking into the spark plugs ($2453.00 to fix) and a main engine seal/front transmision seal ($1827). I also took it to a local mechanic and he said he can change the gaskets for $500, and that there was no leaks in the sparks, h
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