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  1. An alternative would be to remove the rest of the black paint on the front of the grill ribs. I did mine and like the chrome look.
  2. Wow! What a great idea. Could you post some more detailed information. Color codes, products used. etc...
  3. You need a damping material. Look h :) ere... or
  4. You could try this Motorola but if Verizon does not sell it you may have to pay through the nose. Has been discontinued but you could probably still find one.
  5. You need to find a bluetooth phone that supports Verizon's air interface (wireless technology) which is almost certainly CDMA. If you find a phone that is both CDMA and Bluetooth you will be golden. One more thing you may want to check with Verizon and make sure they can update PRL's (Preferred Roaming List) in the phone you choose. PRL's control what carrier you roam on for example when you travel to Chicago Verizon has a preferred roaming partner which gives them a cheap rate which may be the A or B carrier or a PCS carrier. If you don't roam on the right preferred carrier you may be hit
  6. I was planning on using the stock shocks. Do you see a problem with that?
  7. I just ordered my spring kit for my 98 GS400. Can I install these myself? Has anyone installed these on their car in their driveway? Probems??? If not what did you pay to have it done professionally? Do I have to have an alignment after I get them on??? Thanks :whistles:
  8. So how do the eibach or ltuned springs by themselves affect the ride and handling???
  9. I notice my sound when the vehicle is really quiet and it sound like it's made by liquid and I think it's related to the climate control.
  10. Does this happen with both keys? When you press the trunk button does the LED always light up?
  11. I found the adjustments on my 98GS400 HID. If you look down on the headlight you will see a bubble level for the vertical adjustment of the main beam. It is adjusted by the silver (on mine) 8mm bolt behind the main beam. The high beam adjustment is also a 8mm bolt behind the lamp housing but in front of the radiator. I believe the horizontal adjustment is the 8mm bolt (accessed from the rear) between the two lamps. I adjusted the vertical on mine to zero the bubble and mine are much better now. Good luck!!!
  12. Has anyone else experience a faint gurgleing or hissing kind of sound with their GS???
  13. Anyone know where the factory amp for my 98 GS400 with pioneer is located? I would also appreciate any tips on upgrading my audio system... Thanks!
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