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  1. You can try ebay or you can go to www.lexls.com for a tutorial and where to buy the LCD screen on how to fix it yourself. I did and it works great.
  2. I want one of those grills for my 1992 LS400, send me a link or some info on where to buy one. thanks
  3. Guys: Thanks for the suggestion. But I checked the Trac fuse over the weekend, the fuse is ok. Any other suggestions that could causing that? Thanks in advance. I have the same problem, I haved a 1992 LS400 and when I start the car everything is fine until I drive around for a little while or really step on the gas than bothe the Cel and trac light come on together. I had it checked and the code came up that both knock sensors were bad. Also where is the trac fuse located becaused I would like to check that before I shell out for knock sensors and labor cost?
  4. I own a 1995 LS400. A few days ago my engine light/trac light came on and will not go off. I took my car to the dealership and they said one of my spark plugs has a short in it and the best thing to do is get a tune up. They also told me to have my throttle body cleaned. Does this sound normal? This morning I got up to go to work and my car wouldn't start. I even tried to put it in neutral to back it out of the garage so my husband could give it a jump but it would not come out of "park". The electric locks wouldn't work or anything. I'm hoping I just need a new battery and that its nothing serioius. Any thoughts? :( I had the same problem and I need a new alternator. Have someone test your charging system, if you are not getting over 11 volts than that is the reason it is stuck in park.
  5. Check your air intake and filter, also clean the throttle body. That should fix it, be care full with the Mass air flow sensor.
  6. Get a OBD scanner found on ebay for you car. Cost about 250 bucks.
  7. go to www.lexls.com and look at the lighting section, you will find a fix there.
  8. I'll check behind the fuse box to see if wires are touching, this is the second fuse that went up in flames. Do you think the wires in the trunk hinge could cause this problem?
  9. My car got stuck in park, than I checked the fuse box under the dash and found that the brake light fuse had melted along with part of my fuse box. I suspect wires are touching some where causing a short but I don't know where to start looking, anyone have this problem before or have any suggestions?
  10. My 1992 LS400 smokes white smoke when I start it up but goes away once I start driving, it is not the power steering valve because I checked the hose going to the intake and it is dry. When I rev the engine and take my foot off the peddle I hear a slight rattle comming from my third cat closest to the tail pipe, the guy at the muffler shop said not to worry but I'm wondering if he could be wrong. Is this a sign of a clogged cat when you hear a rattle in it and possible causing my car to burn rich. My check engine light is off and this is a complete mystery to me. I seen one person post a bad charcoal cannister can cause it, another said the plugs or coils could be bad, another person says a bad O2 sensor can cause a bad mixture of fuel and air, how can I find out what to change without my check engine light being on but still getting white stink smoke. I don't want to replace parts that are not bad so any help would be appreciated.
  11. Go to www.lexls.com and look at the lighting section.
  12. Set the needles back at zero than hold it up to see where they fall, move them back and forth until they are at zero when the cluster is standing up. No need to mess with the temp or gas needles.
  13. Full conversion is on www.lexls.com under lighting....makes your gauges blue
  14. Hi carl, I have a 1992 Lexus LS400 and I am triing to replace those oval shaped flourescent bulbs in my instrument cluster with a blue led flexible strip. I wanted to know do you have a picture or diagram that shows where the positive and negative soldering points are on the power board inside the cluster so I can supply power to the led strip.
  15. Some people find fault in everything, I guess you would rather look at a black ink spot than have your temp and time out of alignment. People never cease to amaze me.