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  1. This is a major issue. I found the article below and forwarded it to all my friends and family. Please spread it around: Safety of cars' keyless entry and ignition systems questioned The technology is popular but quirky and there is no universal standard. Its problems are potentially serious. By Ralph Vartabedian and Ken Bensinger January 24, 2010 The sleek Infiniti G37 Cindy Marsh bought last August was the car of her dreams, equipped with the latest keyless electronics technology that allows her to start the engine with the touch of a button. But right away, the system gave her
  2. This is a frustrating aspects of the car's design. Each TPMS sensor matches a position in the dashboard display. Once you rotate the tires, any logical sequence is disturbed. Here's what I do, this doesn't correlate the readout to each one of your 4 primary tires, but it does take the spare out of the equation. First, the tire pressures specified by Lexus are far too high. I've seen this on M-B and BMW products as well; when you compare the U.S. and Euro tire pressures, the U.S. specs are much higher. This is because of the Ford Explorer/Firestone debacle. They assume we're morons -- as
  3. Once you've had the tires/wheels rotated the order disappears. I recently had a low tire and thought the Service Manager could tell me which tire was down based on the display. He told me they don't recode or reassign the positions after rotation, so there's no way to tell which number on the display corresponds to which tire. On a car at this price point that seems silly...
  4. I bought one of the first cars in the US; it was delivered early by Lexus to show at a charity event, and the dealer delivered it to me a week before the official release. Not saying that for bragging rights, just establishing where my car falls in the "timeline", since (I hope) Lexus may have dealt with this problem. The first thing I do with every car I own is to take it to a shop where they do very superb paint protection film installs. I carefully drove the car the thirty miles to the shop, where the owner pointed out to me three or four small chips that were just from the drive down.
  5. IMHO, these problems are not caused by Lexus or the Nav system, but by companies like NAVTEQ who provide the mapping database. Computers are only as good as the programmers and the quality of data...
  6. Two words: Mercedes-Benz. Are you listening, Lexus? We've owned mostly BMWs and Benzes in the past, with a rogue Phaeton thrown in for good measure. AFAIK, none of the German cars impose this punitive approach. As much as my wife likes her LS460L, I will NEVER buy another car that locks out the technology I'm paying for. Both the Phaeton (my wife's car just before the LS460L) and my current (3 weeks old) Mercedes ML63 allow the driver or passenger to use the functions of the telematics (phone, nav, audio, etc.) without restriction. The voice control does NOT make up for this limitation
  7. Our LS460L is nearing the 3,000 mile point. Our overall average is 18.1 mpg on a mix that is only about 15% highway driving and mostly shorter trips. We are thrilled with that average, not only because it will consistently go at least 400 miles per tank, but also because it's significantly better than our previous car. What's funny (in a way) is that our Honda Element (my work junker) is a car that you could park in Berkeley and get smiles. Park the Lexus there and you get frowns, as though you are personally responsible for the rape and destruction of the planet. In reality, once you get
  8. Glad it helps; my wife needs bifocals to read, and there was no way she could easily see the commands using the mini-manual that accompanies the Nav system...
  9. Here's a list of voice commands I put together in PDF format. This is a lot easier to refererence than the manual... VC6.pdf
  10. I find the LS460L to be very comfortable; it has more headroom than the VW Phaeton but slightly less legroom -- the Phaeton has pretty exceptional legroom, BTW...
  11. Thanks for the positive words, but I knew what I was getting into with the Phaeton. I bought it the day after Christmas in 2004, and paid around $50,000 for it. I knew the resale value could not be high, given the huge discounts dealers were offering on the cars. At that point I think VWoA was giving each dealer a $10K incentive to reduce year-end inventory levels...
  12. First post updated (scroll towards the bottom); sorry for the length...
  13. BUMP! I've added a LOT to my first post on this thread. Additional info from having owned the car a few more days. It's painfully long, but I hope this information is helpful...
  14. Yes, I realize the law; however, in twenty years of CA driving I've only gotten one "fix-it" ticket for no front plate. I prefer the look of a car without the front plate. All manufacturers need to design front plate mounts that can be clipped into place without drilling the front bumper. Most BMWs are designed in this fashion; you clip on the plate holder if required in your state or pop it off if it's not required. No bumper holes, no damage. Given how Lexus nails most of the other details on the car, this is a surprising omission...
  15. Thanks for the nice comments... Interior shots wil be forthcoming; however, I have high standards for photos (even though the exterior shots were from my little camera) and it's harder to get good interior photos. Plus, this car has taken up a LOT of my time over the past week... I think this car has handled the wedge trend in a far better manner than the 7-series; though I like the looks of the BMW it took a redesign to tone down the Bangle-Butt. They should mate the new rear with the old front end, IMHO...
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