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  1. Same here, I just purchased an 07 LS 460 with a black interior. Try, this place was recommended by my dealership in Illinois. The mats cost about $159 for the good ones. I will be getting some soon. Good Luck I have a new set of Lexus mats [black, front and back for the 460], box unoppened. You pay the postage and they are yours for 150 and no tax.
  2. I am not sure they specify 5-30; my oil cap does not have that designiation. Are we speaking of the 460 engine?
  3. How does it alter the equasion when one lives in a moderate climate. I probably never start my car when it is less than 20F. Garage kept, mostly it is 60F when I start it. Does that mean that I have less need for 00w-20? Is, then, Mobil1, 5-30 just as good a bet given our less severe climate just outside Philly? Your take?
  4. Has anyone tried to detach the airbag warning label off the front sun visors? If so, how?
  5. Since you live in PA, I'd recommend Penzoil 0w20 synthetic. If you do more than just city driving, you can run it 7,500 miles and still maintain warranty compliance. Just now I can buy at Costco a qt of Mobil 1 (synthetic) for 3.75. What would the 0w20 cost??
  6. After talking recently with the service manager of my local Lex dealer, I am interested in what other 460 owners are using in thier oil changes. The manager I spoke with said that synthetic is mandatory but that 5/30 should be fine with no adverse effects. Now we all know that Mobil 1 comes in that weight, is a high quality product and is quite reasonable to purchase (especially on sale at Costco). Are there many here who are already using this product rather than the much more costly prescribed oils? What guidance have you received from Lex service people? I am searching for a common sens
  7. Also a concern of mine, as I am shortly to do my own first oil change. I just called my Lex dealer; the service dept. said there was no problem using Mobil-1, 5-30 (much less costly) in my LS460, nor did they believe an even lighter oil would shorten engine life. He did mention that synthetic oil was required in that engine; of course, that is only one service manager. Further input by knowledgeable persons would be appreciated.
  8. I appreciate your experience with this topic (and many others). There are other products out there such as ClearShield, Venturshield, and Inivisble Mask, probably more. They seem to be less expensive than 3M. Do you have any insight into their quality differences or do they all use the same basic materials? Thanks!
  9. I've read some pretty great things about "California Duster" products. Have you used one or another product you loved for simple dusting issues. How useful are they really?
  10. I had paint protectin film applied to my new 08' today. Complete front of the car and about 1/3 of the way up the hood, as well as both rear view mirriors. From 2' feet away you can't see it at all and even then if you're not looking for it it's invisible. This is the third car I've had done - highly recommended. DaveGee 08' LS460 07' AM Vantage 99' NSX (sold) Which Brand did you have applied? Ever hear of Clear Shield? Is 3M the only brand to go with in confidence?
  11. It is fairly clear that the top figure in the TPMS list, in my '08 LS460, is the spare. But it must be possible to figure out what order of tires the other four represent. Since the spare is constant, in the first position, the other four are probably constant also. Has anyone figured the order yet?
  12. I was out riding in my new 460 today and after filling up the tank was delighted to find that on good roads I was being told by the read out that I was getting, eventually, 34.2 miles per gal. I was able to maintain that reading for many miles; it only went down when I began entering the residential area where I live. What am I to make of that number; I don't believe it can actually be corrrect. Thanks for sharing your experience with this particular gauge.
  13. The 08, 460 swb, that I bought in late FEb. does not have the fix on the front, side windows. Do you know if dealerships are routinely replacing LS 460 swb side windows with Lamisafe if they do not have it? Would I be correct in assuming that Lamisafe is not only a better barrier to the sun (esp. UV a&B) but also a stronger barrier against glass breakage? In other regards, my LS is my second and as before, a truly great car.
  14. Yes, silver is easier and it is a sort of hobby, a pleasurable one. I have enjoyed using the Zaino products. All the best!
  15. I have been using Zaino products ( on my 2001 LS430 and my 2006 RX400h and nothing comes close to how new they keep my paint. and how well they protect the finish. The wax test that Guru Reports conducted ( rated Zaino number one over all other waxes hands down. Thanks for the clue; I went with Zaino and am very happy!
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