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  1. Sorry for beeing late to reply..just a few years.. I found 2 of the same, but with Toyota logo...in Germany for sale, bought them, found me a nice stainless Lexus logo and installed that over the Toyota and it does good fot the rear seat passengers on long roadtrips ... ... I have untill now still searched for the Lexus ones... but everywhere they tells me..not for sale anymore
  2. Voice Commands

    See if this is the same commands..I should think so: https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-2nd-gen-2006-2013/225879-verified-is350-voice-command-list.html Regards Lovik
  3. Voice Commands

    THANKS...that is what I was looking for ....:-) Arf
  4. Voice Commands

    Hi, Tried to download the pdf file...but keep getting that file does not exist ...any help please :-)
  5. ...and will ship to Norway... help please...I'm informed that they are discontinued in Europe...and I want a pair :-) Regards from Norway Arvid
  6. Inserting MP3 player connectivity to headunit on a SAAB Ideas ? Regards Arvid Norway
  7. Cabin Filter Upgrade

    Arvid, that sounds exactly like what I want to do. Where does the filter component go? Behind the glovebox? Was it difficult to install? It sounds like you were able to install it, but can't get it working..? Is it possible that there is some requirement from the A/C system itselft to be able to support the automatic switching from filter to non-filter operation? In other words, even if we can install a filter it will never work due to dependencies elsewhere within the system? I image this filter as just an inline carbon-type filter that is either used or bypassed. Is that correct? If the older A/C system simply won't support the automatic filter operation, is there a way to force it to always use the filter? Or is it a matter of just automatically switching from fresh to recirc air? ← Hi ! Sorry for the late feedback :-( I found my place for the filter in the passenger side. When removing the cover above the foot well, I could see the filter compartment and unscrewed two wingnuts and installed it. Quite easy, but it's just a normal air filter and I do NOT have this newer inside /outside air shifting capabliity... sorry:-) Regards Arvid
  8. New Stuff For The Ls400

    Hi ! I found this dealer in Japan... Can please someone translate and tell me which parts will fit on my 1993 LS 400 sold new in Switzerland ?????? http://www.original-net.co.jp/list/list01.html#muffler I wanna move to Japan :cries: Regards Arvid Norway
  9. Mp3 Playback Options

    Let me know when/if You have it ready. Regards Arvid Lövik Norway
  10. Cabin Filter Upgrade

    Please tell more !! I have a 1993 and tried for 3 years to get the local Toyota dealer (it's 300 miles to the only Lexus dealer in Norway :-)) and the dealer in Germany where I take the services on the car to check and possibly replace the filter. Both told me that this model did NOT have this filter. I opened the compartment and found there where room for a filter, bought one set on e-bay and installed it myself. How can You program the system ?? Regards Arvid Norway
  11. 1990 Ls 400 Clear Front Turn Lamps

    Hi ! Here is a picture on mine 1993 LS with clear front turn lamps: http://www.lexusownersclub.com/gallery/album05/lexus Regards Arvid Norway
  12. It's not that difficult to see... I have had quite a few hours looking at this :-) I have taken off the lower panel of the dash on the passenger side and removed it. Taken off a lid with 2 wing nuts and that is what I saw looking up... simple :-) Regards Arvid
  13. Hi ! I have some bad odour sometime when starting after the car has been idling for a few days. I found a page on the Soarer describing how to clean and re-use the filter. I found the opening for the filter on the same place as the Soarer ... but there where NO filters to replace in there. I called the local Toyota shop... (never sold any Lexus( there have been sold on average one LS 400/430 a year totally here in Norway (price today £ 110.000 )) .... and they told me that there should not be any re-changeable filter in the 93 model. What the H... is then this opening for ????? A couple of bad photos of the opening here: http://arlovik.tripod.com/1993_lexus_ls400_aircon.html Please help !! Regards Arvid Norway
  14. Gold Emblems Cheap

    Please contact me directly, I can not get to send You a PSM :-( Regards Arvid arvid@lovik.net
  15. Gold Emblems Cheap

    Hi ! I have a 1993 LS 400 and want to know what can be delivered for my car and to which price. Regards Arvid Stavanger Norway