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  1. Purchase a couple of cans of Bushe's beans and you will have all the Gaz you need lol!
  2. Yes had it done recently. All your info is correct. Took about one hour, got it washed and was told the recall also included a full tank of gas.. Worth the hour wait! Ya, we got the gas, oil change, tire rotate, nice deal lol!
  3. Pretty ugly looking bull rack on the front bumper ROTFFLMAO!!!
  4. :P Another person that must not know what friggan brakes are for lol!! Then your name may be Sue so you could get a lawyer!!
  5. If you can change oil on the friggan hog you can change on the Lexy lol!!!
  6. Sounds like great advice, I'll have a look around and see if anyone rents Airstreams on the Rock here. Have gone back now and checked quite a few sites to be sure about the dry weight of the trailer we have in mind, and it appears that it is 2800 lbs., not 3200, (there is no Airstream dealer here, so am checking with them by email for exact figures) that leaves a bit more cargo/liquids capacity. It's an Airstream 16 International Signature Series that we have in mind. Now my concern is that the trailer hitch weight is listed at 430 pounds and our RX manual says that 350 is the max recommended. Knowing nothing about hitches, can we "buy" our way out of that problem? Seems like 80 pounds is not that much but again, I'm a total newbie at all this, and sure don't want to damage the vehicle by overdoing it. My trailering experience is extensive with ski boats and tent trailers, but not an RV like this. I use what is called an equilizer hitch, it has two torsion bars, you can buy 350 lb bars, 450 lb bars and 550 lb bars, they have chains on the end with a chain tightner and ittakes the load off the hitch and rear end of car works like !Removed!!!!! I am on my 10th lexus and have towed with them alll even the 99 RX with the supposedly bad transmissions. Just remember to unhook mthe friggan trailer if you need to tow the SOB in, ROTFFLMAO, They are going to sell a qulity car they better be able to stand up and of all 10 they have only been back to have the friggan licence plates installed lol
  7. You pulled a 9,000 pound trailer 3,000 miles with an RX? Wow! What were you doing ... returning the space shuttle to it's launch pad? Did I interpret your post correctly or did you mean something else? No shuttle, just a farm tractor lol!!!
  8. It will handle it for sure, pulled a 9K lb tractor 3k miles without a problem, I had equlizer hitch with the bars and would recommend that setup. rule of thumb is to keep 10% of total weight on the hitch. the towing package does not come ready to plug to camper like Ford and .GM. For camper you must run wire from battery to a relay to the back for the trailer brakes and a positive for the camper battery to charge. which is a lot of dicking around compared to Ford and GM. The only plugin that comes with the Lexus towing package is a small 4 pronger for boat trailer lites ect. Then you will also need a trailer brake controller which the other mfgs are aready wired for but lexus or Toyota is not. You can buy extentions for your mirriors that just slip over your factory mirriors.
  9. So sorry you got screwed!!! Sounds like you got a real boner on for the car. I will give you 10K for the POS!
  10. :D Being a certified tec (not for lexus) I have had this noise in 8 of my last 10 lexus vehicals. I have used my electronic stethoscope on this engine, on top and underneath, this noise is real loud at each fuel injector so I surmise it has something to do with the tension of the Injector spring lexus uses. Just drive it as It never seems to get any worse.
  11. Wow! That sucker must have come across on the Mayflower, ROTFFLMAO
  12. Some owners on this site have blamed the noise on the timing chain. Mine makes a bit of noise when cold but the sound is gone within five minutes. It is barely noticeable unless you concentrate on hearing it. If yours is making a lot of noise, or you perceive it to be especially noisy, try going to the dealer and starting a cold RX on the lot to see if the sound is similar. Then you can march into the service adviser and make your point. Thanks. It's been back to the dealer twice. Both times they had a "factory rep" check it and say it was a normal noise, but the factory is looking for a fix. It won't hurt to drive it. I guess I'll keep driving it for awhile. 8 of my last 10 Lexus vehicals have had this noise, and yes it is normal so don't fret it. It is like a bag of Jalapenos: What you do today can burn your a$$ tomorrow.
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