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  1. I have an 05 LS and have driven several of the 460 models (I had one as a loaner for a week). I concur with everything Steve says. While the 460s are nice, I'm perfectly happy with my 430 for the foreseeable future...
  2. I've had both the SLx with an aux input for my iPod in my 2003 LS, an SLi in my wife's former RX400h and now a SL2i and SL2x in my 2005 LS. I've been very happy with them all, however I do notice an improvement with the newer models (SL2). Sound may be a bit better, but I don't get the same delay when using satellite radio (tuning to or changing between stations) that I used to get with my SLx. My wife also had to reset her iPod periodically with the SLi. We now have the SLx and SLi in our 2009 Prius. I'd go with the SL2 models if I were you (if it will integrate with an 01).
  3. Thanks for the tips! What I really need to do is find a good independent Lexus mechanic in my area, like you 1990LS. My searches thus far have turned up nothing...
  4. I'm seriously considering replacing my own brakes instead of paying $800+ for the dealer to do it. They have an annoying loud squeaking noise when braking at very low speeds, especially when cold. My dealer told me that the "rotors are glazed". So maybe I need to replace the rotors too. I'm sure it would be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper if I did it myself, however I get nervous about these things. My mechanical experience is limited to changing the oil on an Isuzu pick-up that I owned years ago, and doing a diesel purge on my 84 Mercedes. I haven't spent any time looking (yet), but if anyone h
  5. I can confirm the high idle as well. I've experienced it when the engine is cold on both my former '03 and my current '05 LS430. Nothing to worry about. Congratulations on the car! :)
  6. NICE!!! I think I can count the number of times I've seen an LS with that interior color on one hand! It was worth the wait! ;)
  7. You guys have given me lots to think about! And I'm certainly going to be a lot more wary of what I trust the dealer with, if I take it there at all (other than for a warranty issue). I'm going to do some research and find a good independent in my area. So does anyone know of a good indie in the Pasadena (CA) area??? ;) Thanks again for all of the input! You've probably saved me quite a bit of money!
  8. Thanks guys! That helps a lot! No, I'm by no means a street racer. :) I baby my LS just like it deserves, though I do have a heavy foot. I'm not into full throttle take-offs or quick stops, though. I love and respect my car very much and like to think that I take very good care of it. That said, when I got my car back from the dealer yesterday (which is when they told me I'll need new pads at my next service), their explanation for the loud squeaking noise that I hear at low speeds, particularly when the brakes are cold, was that the rotors are "glazed". I also thought that I had felt
  9. I'm curious to find out what you guys are paying to replace front and rear brake pads and machine the rotors. My dealer is quoting me about $600 for the whole enchilada, which seems high to me, though I recall spending about $800 last time I did the brakes (about 20,000 miles ago). My car has just under 50,000 miles and is out of factory warranty, but still under CPO until next summer. I'm beginning to wonder if I should find a good independent mechanic for repair items like brakes. I love the "free" Lexus loaners and the customer service I get at the dealer, however I'm not I'm really w
  10. Identical to mine...I love it! Congratulations! :)
  11. Are you referring to the ability to go into settings and manually override the "nav input disable feature while driving" function? As far as I know, that feature has nothing to do with the DVD version you have installed. I thought it was all about the internal software version of your nav unit, which isn't update-able...
  12. That doesn't sound right. I've never had that problem with my 05, nor did I have it with my 03. I'd get it checked out...
  13. I actually really like the stock 18" 5 spoke rims. I prefer non-chrome, but that's just me. ;) I agree with the window tinting. Don't worry about the LS having an "old man" image. I'm 35 and on my 2nd one. Yes, a few of my friends give me a hard time, however there's a reason why so many old men (and younger men/women) buy the's a GREAT car! Congrats!
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