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  1. Yeah I recall that my LS400 had to have an air conditioning service at about year 3-4 also. I'll have the dealer check it out. Thanks.
  2. Hi. My air conditoning on my 2005 LS430 is warm at startup for about 10 minutes, and then gets colder. Vehicle has 33k miles on it, just out of warranty. My Honda Ridgeline is cold at startup, that's the basis for comparison, so it's not my imagination or anything. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be, and what I should tell the Lexus dealer when I bring it in for service? Thanks in advance.
  3. OK will do, it's not a smart key, will check it out. Appreciate the help.
  4. Yeah, so there's no way to turn this off? How do you set the keys to use the memory settings? Is there a way to turn off the key using the memory settings? Thanks.
  5. Sorry I didn't make myself clear. Can someone get into their LS430, push their memory setting, turn the mirror all the way out (glass), turn off the car, get out, lock it, unlock it, and open the door. When the door opens, does the mirror return to its memory setting or does it stay where you left it? The dealer claims it should move without pushing the memory button but I can't see how this could be correct. My car's mirror returns to the memory position without my pushing the button. I don't think it's supposed to do this. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi. The dealer tells me that if I turn on my 2005 LS430, push my seat setting (say #1), move the driver's mirror outward using the control to the left of the steering wheel, turn the car off, exit the car, lock the car and then unlock the car and open the driver's door that the driver's side mirror (glass) IS SUPPOSED to return to the position in as set in setting #1 when the door is opened. So in other words, if my wife gets into the car and changes the mirror setting and then goes to the mall, when she opens the door after finished shopping that the mirror will move on its own back to what
  7. Yeah? Well we'll see about that. I need these wheels for my '05 LS430 as I may travel through the ghetto at some point in time (might get lost, etc.). I'll let you know if I find any that can clear the brakes. You are probably right about 17s.
  8. Not many sport suspension LS430s were made. Give any Lexus dealer the VIN, they'll tell you what the options were on the car. 18" rims do not mean sport suspension. I doubt you will get 19mpg given that mix of driving. Ask the dealer to borrow the car for a few days and see for yourself. Fill the tank, the car will tell you your gas mileage. The valuations of the LS430 do not track SUVs. However, as the economy weakens there is likely a lower demand for luxury vehicles.
  9. Well I will post pictures after I get a set. I want something I can ride in the ghetto.
  10. The other thing prospective purchasers should be aware of is that this is an expensive automobile and the maintenance is correspondingly expensive. A dealer here in Cherry Hill charges $730 for the 30k service and about $1500 for the 90k service. The oil should be changed every 5k miles, and most dealers with tire rotation charge around $100 for this service. You should not purchase an LS430 thinking that it is an economy car. It's not.
  11. what's wrong with ghetto?
  12. I get worse mileage on my '05 LS430 than on my '00 LS400. There are some things about the '00 model that are better than the '05 model, believe it or not. Both great cars.
  13. depends on whether they have had paintwork. paintwork reduces the value substantially, as does mileage. black shows dirt and needs to be washed all the time. you should ask them to allow you to borrow the car so you can see what kind of gas mileage you will get. a little bit of city driving skews the mileage a lot. don't expect to get in the 20s for MPG without first running a test, otherwise you may be disappointed.
  14. I have an '05 LS430. 15/16 city is accurate. 23 highway is not. 27mpg is closer to what you can get on stock 17s.
  15. Does anyone know where I can find chrome spinners (17" or 18") for my LS430? Does anyone have any recommendations for anything they think looks good? Thanks!
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