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  1. i'd be ok with that. but who is the place to buy from relative to being economic and decent quality?
  2. only problem i see is that the administrator has disabled registration which is required in order to view the information. any idea what the deal is on that?
  3. wow. thanks. that's hardcore. i'm in aerospace and love to be able to access source data on a car like they have available. treat a car like an aircraft and it will last forever. didn't see anything regarding 98-99 gs300, but i'm loaded up on es. thank you.
  4. picked up an 05 ES330 for the wife from Sewell Lexus in Ft. Worth. 47,000 certified preowned for 18k. white tan, beautiful car. already own a 99 gs300 that daughter drives and a 98 gs300 that i drive. both drive like new. have had the gs's for close to 8 years but just got the ES this weekend. anything in particular i need to watch out for and is there a timing chain instead of a belt on the 330? let me know what to look for if anything in particular other than the obvious wear items.
  5. Looking to replace my steering wheel on my 98 gs300 Where is the best/economical place to purchase from? Also looking for a new gear shift knob. Both are the brown leather. Saw some knob on ebay but not much on the steering wheel.
  6. i tried the grease with no help. the pads are fairly new. the shims are missing so i'll put them on first and see if that helps. next i'll change the pads with oem pads.
  7. i have a squealing problem on a 99 gs300( front). it has aftermarket pads. this weekend i put brake lube on the back of the pads and contact points with no help so i am going to install the shims which are not there. if that doesn't fix it then i will put oem pads and see if that cures it. why were you suspended?
  8. can you detail exactly what to do? i have the same problem coming from the front pads and it is driving me crazy. are there supposed to be shims behind the front pads? i don't think there are any shims in mine. help please :cries:
  9. could you please email me a copy to thank you very much!!!!
  10. it appears that the front pads may not require shims and it also appears that the pads available are aftermarket. where do you go for toyota/lexus pads? does anyone know a member on here that might be able to help me with this?
  11. it appears that the front pads may not require shims and it also appears that the pads available are aftermarket. where do you go for toyota/lexus pads?
  12. where would be the best place, pricewise, to order new OEM front brake pads AND SHIMS? (not sure what happened to the old pad shims but that is key) i guess one question should be, are the front pads supposed to have shims?
  13. thanks for the info, guy. i was considering removing the part and recovering it myself perhaps. has anyone out there dealt with this type issue? i have yet to mess with it but plan to when it cools off around here.
  14. i need to replace or recover the interior trim piece that runs along the drivers side windshield pillar. (cloth covered) before i start prying on it, i wanted to see if anyone has experience with this and if i can buy a replacement piece instead of replacing the cloth covering. anyone?
  15. economically speaking which should i get and is it any different from changing any other starter? my wife's 99 starter is going out. my 98 starter went out about 6 months ago. what the deal with the starters?
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