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  1. I have never done anything to my headlight lenses and they were looking really nasty. No yellow color, but after washing the car, they still looked really dirty. I bought a product made by Turtle Wax called headlight lense restorer. It has two bottles of chemicals. One they call a clarifier and the other is a lubricant for sanding really bad lenses. I just used the clarifier and now the lenses look brand new. Just wanted to let people know this product really works. I don't work for Turtle wax or have any connection with them whatsoever. I am getting to the point where I am amazed a product wo
  2. The only holes I saw were the two 8mm ones that push the rotor off of the hub. I had no problem with the new rotor aligning itself. The rotor was kind of just hanging there, but when you put the wheel on, it goes where it should.
  3. Thank you. While rotating the tires, I didn't see any holes in the rotor and assumed it was all one piece. Will have to look closer. Rotors are original. I replaced my rotors yesterday. What a piece of cake! Thanks again, your info made this job extremely easy.
  4. Thank you. While rotating the tires, I didn't see any holes in the rotor and assumed it was all one piece. Will have to look closer. Rotors are original.
  5. Hello, I want to replace my front rotors and bearings. Does anybody know if the bearing has to be pressed into the new rotor? I'm used to the old inner and outer bearings on the old cars and this car looks like there is just one bearing for each rotor. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. ohhh ahah thats noting u just need to grease up the gears on the steering wheel motor.....and the places it moves Thanks!
  7. My steering column sometimes lets out a loud squeal when I remove the key and the wheel retracts in. It is pretty annoying. Anybody else have this and know of a cure?
  8. I am having a problem with my vents. The driver side vents (on the dash) blow air all of the time, even when the mode is set for floor and the air is not as hot as the passenger side. I think this is probably a servo problem. I saw a very good thread on changing the servo's, but I can't find it. Does this sound like my problem?
  9. Just finished changing the plugs on my car. Went with the Bosch Iridium plugs. I would have never attempted this without the tutorials you guys put on here. It was relatively painless. Thanks a million. Saved myself big $$$$$$. :) :)
  10. If I could get a copy, it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! I'll give it try.
  12. My 2001 GS300 has 95K and has never had anything done to the engine except oil and filter changes. It is not starting as quick as it used to. How hard is it to change the spark plugs? Just took a cursory glance and couldn't even find them. Anybody have any idea what a tune-up would cost? I have a repair shop that I deal with that is very good, but I am not opposed to doing it myself and saving the money.
  13. what do u mean dirty on the inside? like condensation or dirt? cause if you have dirt and trash inside means they leaking and/or car might have been flooded or underwater. sometimes condensation happens from a leak but normally they not DIRTY inside....clarify please. welcome to the club also I have had the car since it was new, so I know it has never had any water damage or any other kind. The inside of the lense is hazy, kind of like a window inside the car will get after a while. That's the best way I can describe it. I have on occasion seen moisture inside of them after I have washed i
  14. Hello. I am new here and I have a question that may already have been covered, but I can not find it. My 2001 GS300 headlight lenses are dirty on the inside. Is there a way to clean these or do I need to buy new assemblies? I assume they are not cheap. I appreciate any info you can give me. Thanks
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