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  1. Regards to Les and Jack. I decided on the direct approach to this question. I found the Lexus web site on Google and found an email address that looked promising for getting answers. I'm going to block copy my request and the answer I received a couple of days later. Thank you for contacting Lexus. Below is a summary of your most recent email message received and our response. We appreciate the continued opportunity to be of service to you. Subject Radio Anti-theft Code Response By Email (Elizabeth O.) (09/20/2021 05:05 PM) Dear Mr. Murphy, Thank you for contacting Lexus. Congratulations on purchasing your 2019 RX 350. Your 2019 RX 350 doesn't have a radio security code. Have you registered for Lexus Drivers yet or downloaded the Lexus App from the Apple® App Store or Google Play? Lexus Drivers is the best way to update your vehicle’s ownership information, view a list of your vehicle's specifications, check on open recalls, view Owner's Manual and warranty information and more. Also, to learn about our current and future vehicles, and our exclusive rewards and events. You can also visit our Reveals page or our New Models page, or follow us on social media and join our community. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to help at any time. Sincerely, Elizabeth O. Lexus Brand Engagement Center Customer By CSS Web (xxxxx) (09/19/2021 08:37 PM) I recently bought a 2019 RX 350. The stereo system works well, but I know that at some point the battery will die or be disconnected and I will need the code to get the stereo working again. I have the manuals for the vehicle, but have not been able to find the code. A thorough search of the interior of the vehicle has also been unsuccessful. I have the registration and the bill of sale from the dealer, which was not a Lexus dealership. Can I send proof of ownership and get the code? Thanks Question Reference # 210919-000171 Date Created: 09/19/2021 08:37 PM CT Date Last Updated: 09/20/2021 05:05 PM CT Status: Response Sent [---002:001478:17040---] If you are surprised you are not alone. If you doubt that this is genuine you can click the "contact us" link and contact them yourself.
  2. Hi Jack, Once again thanks for offering to help. The code you mentioned is the Sirius XM Radio ID number, which is used by Sirius to identify the radio for managing their service. The code I need is the one I will need to resurrect my radio if the car's battery dies or gets disconnected. If that code isn't entered the radio will still look great, but no sound will come out! Regards, Garec
  3. I recently bought a 2019 RX 350 and it occurred to me that at some point I will need to replace the battery or will need to disconnect it and will need the code to get the radio working again. I started looking through my manuals and other paperwork and have looked throughout the interior, but haven't found the anti-theft code. Does anyone know whether it's hidden somewhere like a menu? I've probably got plenty of time to find it, but I'll need it sooner or later. Thanks
  4. Thanks to Les and Jack for trying to help. The aftermarket fob came with a battery. I bought a package of two additional batteries and all of them worked as I described and failed to work like my original fob. I have a battery tester and tested all three batteries and they all test fully charged. I also removed the battery from the original fob and inserted it into the aftermarket fob and its behavior was unchanged. I believe it is safe to say the problem is not the battery. I have also observed that the original fob works flawlessly and the aftermarket fob also works flawlessly except for the single issue requiring it to be held near the Start button. The suggestion that the fob antenna may be the culprit sounds valid to me. I also wonder whether the people who have $550 to gain every time a Lexus owner walks into a dealership and asks for a replacement fob may be part of the answer.
  5. I recently bought a 2019 RX 350 for my wife after the car was leased for two years. The car came with only one remote key so I ordered a spare on EBay and had it programmed by a local locksmith. The remote works except that it must be held close to the Start button - like the procedure for starting the car with a nearly dead remote battery. I have replaced the battery three times with new batteries, so I don't think that's the problem. I wanted a spare and this remote works as a spare, but my wife says there is something wrong with it and refuses to use it. Does anyone know how I can get this remote fully functional without spending a day at the dealer and paying through the nose? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
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